Five Budget-Friendly Activities for Valentine’s Day

Five Budget-Friendly Activities for Valentine’s Day

For many couples, Valentine’s Day means an expensive dinner out in addition to a fancy gift. While these ideas are great if you have the money, for those on a budget, a fancy dinner and/or nice gift can be out of the question.

Five Budget-Friendly Activities for Valentine’s Day

If money is tight around Valentine’s Day, check out these budget-friendly alternatives so you can still enjoy the day with your loved one without breaking the bank.

1) Make Dinner at Home

Five Budget-Friendly Activities for Valentine’s Day
I mean – you don’t HAVE to recreate the spaghetti scene from “Lady and the Tramp,” but I guess you could. It is your Valentine’s Day.

You can still have dinner, but rather than eating out at a crowded restaurant, make a nice meal at home. Shop the sales at your local grocery to find the best-priced protein, and then pair it with a salad and a vegetable.

For some romantic ambiance, light candles around a dimly lit room or set up a table outside with white twinkly lights. A romantic night in the home can beat a crowded restaurant any time.

2) A Thoughtful Gift

A gift is tricky because you don’t just want to give your Valentine some useless trinket just because you’re supposed to buy a present. It really is the thought behind the gift that count!

For example, writing a thoughtful poem about your feelings can go a long way. Also, creating a photo album full of pictures throughout your relationship can also be a thoughtful gift.

3) Make It Movie Night

Choose a few flicks your Valentine enjoys and make it a romantic movie marathon. It provides quality time for just the two of you without costing you an arm and a leg. Just be sure to provide the popcorn and candy!

4) Plan a Sunset Picnic

Five Budget-Friendly Activities for Valentine’s Day
Props to this couple for finding this spot in the middle of nowhere where they can enjoy a romantic sunset picnic and stroll.

Dusk is often a romantic time of day, so planning a picnic outside with a view of the sunset could be just the ticket for a lovely and budget-friendly Valentine’s Day. If the mood is right (and the area is safe), take a nice moonlit walk after dinner – just don’t forget the bug spray!

5) Celebrate Valentine’s Day After the 14th

On Valentine’s Day, restaurants typically have mass-produced, pre-selected meals planned out for the big day, and then the guests are squished together to seat as many as possible while still paying top price. Rather than dealing with the chaos, celebrate Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart after the 14th, and chances are you’ll experience better food, service and prices.

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