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What Do I Buy and When? – December

Welcome to “What Do I Buy and When?” – our monthly series geared towards helping you make smarter buying decisions. Each month, you’ll learn which items retailers price to sell and which ones aren’t so you can find the best deals throughout the year. Our information is gathered from sites like DealNews and DailyFinance, places that search the retail world to find the best and worst deals. We want to help you save money!

As if Thanksgiving and Black Friday back in November weren’t busy enough, December is even crazier. Stores are making their last push to attract customers before the holiday season wraps up, which means there will be deals galore this month!

What Do I Buy and When? – December | First Choice Power
Even Santa Claus sometimes needs help locating the right deals for his holiday gift list.

But with all the sales being advertised, it’s important to beware of the items not discounted this month – as well as the on-sale items with savings on the horizon – to help your bottom line.

Good Buys


What Do I Buy and When? – December | First Choice Power
“That one. No, THAT one! No, THE OTHER ONE!”

December is a good time to purchase toys. Retailers are competing for customers, which will be reflected in their pricing. Research your favorite stores to see who offers the largest in-store discounts or free shipping with its online deals. The most ideal time to purchase would be early to mid-December.

Kitchen Gadgets

What Do I Buy and When? – December | First Choice Power
“Is there really a different in quality between these electric kettles? I just need it for a few months each year to warm up water for my hot chocolate.”

November and December are both great months for purchasing kitchen items like small appliances and cooking accessories. Retailers like Williams-Sonoma offer new deals each day of up to 50% off throughout the holiday season. If you’re looking for a gift idea for the amateur chef in your world (or you need a new blender yourself), this month is the best time to make that purchase.

Gift Cards

These make great gifts because they make life easy for the giver and receiver. Plus, they are being discounted this month – and in some cases free. Certain companies, especially restaurants and service providers, often give away gift cards for free when customers spend a certain amount of money with their establishment.

Holiday Décor

What Do I Buy and When? – December | First Choice Power
The hidden rule about holiday decorations: You’re always planning for next year.

The key to finding good deals on holiday decorations is to wait until after December 26th. Once Christmas is over, all things holiday start being highly discounted. Though this tip might not help you this year, you will be ready to decorate next holiday season.

Bad Buys

Workout Gear

What Do I Buy and When? – December | First Choice Power
New Year’s Resolutions are right around the corner.

With all the Thanksgiving and now Holiday festivities, it may be tempting to purchase some sort of workout equipment like a treadmill or elliptical. But while this might be a good idea health-wise, it’s not money-wise. Retailers won’t start significantly discounting those items until after the New Year when people are making New Year’s Resolutions.


What Do I Buy and When? – December | First Choice Power
“Good afternoon, madam. Could I interest you in a generic 40″ television that really isn’t any different than the two you already have at home?”

If you missed out on the Black Friday deals, December is not the month to make up for it – especially for higher-end models. Yes, there will still be some deals this month for mid-level technology, but for bigger deals it’s best to wait until January to make your purchase as retailers will offer heavy discounts for the Big Football Game.

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