What Do I Buy and When? – June | First Choice Power

What Do I Buy and When? – June

Welcome to “What Do I Buy and When?” – our monthly series geared towards helping you make smarter buying decisions. Each month, you’ll learn which items retailers price to sell and which ones aren’t so you can find the best deals throughout the year. Our information is gathered from sites like DealNews and DailyFinance, places that search the retail world to find the best and worst deals. We want to help you save money!

Summer is here, which means it’s time for outdoor grilling, pool time, and beach vacations. With so much going on during the summer, it’s hard to know when you are getting a good deal and when you are over paying. Before you book your next trip or upgrade your grilling equipment, check out what items are and are not priced to sell during the month of June.

Good Buys:

Gym memberships

What Do I Buy and When? – June | First Choice Power

Once the weather starts warming up with the start of summer, people ditch the gym and start exercising outdoors. Gyms will start running summer promotions to attract people indoors. For those thinking about joining a gym, June may be a good time to do so.

Caribbean Travel

What Do I Buy and When? – June | First Choice Power

While June marks the beginning of summer, it’s also the beginning of hurricane season. Because of this meteorological fact, resorts and hotels offer good deals to attract guests to their establishment. June and July are comparably quiet in terms of hurricanes, so it can be a good time to travel. For those concerned, check out travel insurance to see if it is worth the purchase.

Bad Buys:


According to Dealnews, summer months are typically bad for purchasing televisions as there aren’t many deals if any to be found and the prices tend to be higher. Why is this? There just aren’t any major sports, pop cultural events, or buying holidays on the calendar to drive television sales. If you really need to buy a television, we recommend waiting until the Black Friday sales in November to find the best prices of the year.


What Do I Buy and When? – June | First Choice Power

Between Father’s Day this month, Fourth of July next month, and the popularity of grilling throughout the summer in general, purchasing a new grill may be high on your list. However, for those deal-seekers out there, June is not the month to make the purchase because of the high demand. It’s best to wait until August or September after the high points of the summer grilling season have passed to get the best prices on grills.

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