How Do I Benefit from Energy Deregulation in Texas?


What’s in it for me exactly?

As Texans, most of us get to choose our own electric companies. But why does it matter? If you’re one of the millions who get to choose your own Texas electric company, you enjoy a number of advantages:

The Power to Choose the Right Texas Electric Company

Instead of being stuck with the single utility company that services where you live, you can now choose a company based on your needs and preferences, and easily switch from one company to another. This increased competition means companies have an added incentive to make each customer experience a positive one.

The Power of Great Prices

Like competing corny dog booths at the State Fair, Texas electric companies have to work harder now that consumers get to decide where and what to buy. This competition tends to keep prices lower than they were under deregulation in the 20th century.

The Power to Make a Difference

As the old saying goes, “Put your money where your mouth is.” Many Texas electricity companies do just that by supporting the local community or donating time, money, and effort to a variety of charities and organizations. You can now take your business to an electric company doing work that’s important to you as a way to showcase your values.

The Power of New Innovations

In a competitive market, electric companies are always looking for new ways to take better care of their customers and win business by developing new tools, products, and features. In recent years, technology such as smart meters, renewable energy, and innovations in the way we transmit electricity have given customers more options.

Competition in the Texas energy market has, is, and will always benefit the consumer. You get to choose the company with the perks, prices, innovations, and community work that matters most to you – which means you win!

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