Energy Deregulation in Texas

Bringing the Power of Energy Choice to the Lone Star State

We’re lucky to have choice when it comes to choosing electricity in Texas. But it wasn’t always like this. Before energy deregulation arrived in 2002, Texans had no options as to where and how we bought our electricity. Where you lived determined who your energy company was, and that single company dictated energy rates to you.

Now, shopping for a Texas electric company is a lot like choosing your phone or cable provider. With an open market, you can shop around for the plan and rate that best fit your needs. That’s why First Choice Power is available to you as an option.

When Texas law changed in 2002, electricity deregulation gave most Texans the power to choose their own electricity company. The remaining exceptions are:

  • Customers of city-owned municipal electric utilities
  • Customers of rural electric cooperatives (also called co-ops)

Here in Texas, the electricity choice is in your hands.

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