Moving to Texas from Out of State? 7 Tips for Signing up for New Service

With a booming job market and low cost of living, it’s no wonder why people are flocking to the Lone Star State. Whether you are moving to a big city or quaint small town, Texas has a lot to offer. Moving to a new state brings a sense of excitement; however it brings a lot of stress too.

One of those stressors is disconnecting and signing up for new services and utilities. It can be quite a juggling act balancing disconnecting your current utilities and signing up for utilities in your new home. To help with that stress, here are 7 helpful tips for signing up for new service when moving from out of state.

  1. Call at least two to four weeks in advance to disconnect and connect new services. Some companies need up to 10 days to get services set up and up to two weeks’ notice to be disconnected.
  2. Research utility companies before committing to one to get the best deal. For example, comis a great resource to compare Texas energy companies.
  3. When signing up for new utilities, be aware that many Texas electricity companies offer incentives for first time customers. So be sure to ask about any incentives before signing up to get the best deal.
  4. Be prepared to fill out an application and possibly have a credit check done and pay a deposit. If you have good credit and a deposit is still required, use your negotiation skills to try to reduce the deposit amount.
  5. When connecting new utilities, put your spouse or any other adult(s) living with you on the account. This way he/she could talk to them if you are ever unavailable.
  6. When disconnecting your current utilities, be sure to provide your old company your new service address so that they know where to send your final bill.
  7. When arranging for new utilities to be turned on, have them scheduled to be turned on the day before or the day of when you are expected to arrive in your new home. That way you will have water, electricity and gas connected when you get there.

Disconnecting utilities in one state and connecting them in another can be a pain to coordinate. So keep a spreadsheet or a notepad with the following info to keep everything straight: 1) Account numbers for each company, 2) Customer Service numbers, and 3) The days when each utility will be shut off, connected, or transferred. Also include information regarding when and if you might receive some sort of refund or returned deposit from your old company

Welcome to Texas! We hope you enjoy living in the Lone Star State!

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