Introducing First Choice Power’s Refer-a-Friend Program!

Everybody loves getting a great deal, and there is nothing better than being able to share it with friends. With First Choice Power’s referral program, you can pass along your great energy savings to your friends and family while saving money yourself!

Why refer your friends to First Choice Power?

Our Refer-a-Friend program is a win-win for you and your friends! They’ll get a great electricity rate and you both will get a $25 bill credit on your electricity bill when they become First Choice Power customers. Want even better news? There is no limit to the number of referral credits that you can earn! That means the more friends you refer to First Choice Power the greater your energy savings!

How does it work?

First, access your unique Referral ID code by logging into your account online.  Once you have that code you can begin sharing it with your friends and family members.  Make sure that when they sign up to become First Choice Power customers they include your Referral Code in the process. They can do this either signing up online or over the phone. As long as your code is included on their order you will both receive a $25 bill credit when they become a First Choice Power customer!

How can I share my Referral Code?

Within the Refer-a-Friend section of your Online Account you’ll find an email template. You can use this to email out this great deal to your friends. If email isn’t your communication of choice simply use your unique link to First Choice Power’s electricity plans found within the template. This link can be posted on any of your favorite social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter.

Ready, Set, Share!

Everyone likes saving money! So start sharing First Choice Power today and enjoy the energy savings for both you and your friends and family! Go to for program details and to access your Referral ID.

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