Your Rights as a Customer


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It’s only fair that all electric companies (Retail Electric Providers, or REPs) operating in the Texas electricity market have to follow the same rules, policies, and practices. The Public Utilities Commission (PUC) of Texas looks out for your rights in several important ways:

The Right to Stay with Your Provider

Texas electric companies aren’t allowed to switch your service without your permission – a dirty practice called “slamming.” By law, REPs have to obtain your authorization before switching your electric service.

The Right to Change Your Mind

When you request a switch to a new REP, you can cancel the agreement with the new electric company without penalty or fee within three business days after you receive your Terms and Conditions document.

The Right to Understand New Charges

Texas electric companies have to tell you before they add new charges to your bill. The law says REPs have to inform you of all charges that are associated with the product or service, tell you how these charges will appear on your bill, and get your approval to accept the product or service.

The Right to Use Your Language

If your Texas electric company used a language other than English when you signed up, you have the right to continue to receive communications, including billing, from them in that language.

The Right to Know Your Options

If you can’t pay your bill due to financial hardship, your electric company has to inform you about all applicable payment options and payment assistance programs.

The Right to a Fair Meter

Your REP is required to supply information about reading your meter, and you have the right to request a meter test.

First Choice Power sends you a copy of the “Your Rights as a Customer” document when you switch to us as your Texas electric company. We want to ensure that your rights as a Texas energy customer are protected.

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