5 AC Mistakes You Make With Your Roommates [Infographic]

Living with roommates can be a great way to cut down on your expenses. Having someone, or a couple of people, to split monthly expenses such as rent, internet, cable and other important bills – like your Texas electricity bill – can be very helpful for your budget.

However, living with roommates can also mean a variety of preferences and habits that can cause havoc on some of your bills – in particular, your electricity bill. From setting the thermostat to very low temperatures to leaving your AC on even when no one is home, sometimes, your roommates can cause your Texas electricity bill to be much higher than it should be.

But don’t stress! To help you reduce your next month’s electricity bill, we’ve rounded up our top 5 AC mistakes you make with your roommates:

  1. Leaving the air conditioner on high when no one is home
  2. Forgetting to schedule AC checkups
  3. Assuming everyone likes the house as cold (or hot) as you
  4. Forgetting to change your filters
  5. Keeping your curtains and blinds open 24/7

See our infographic to learn how you and your roomies can fix these common AC mistakes:

[Infographic] 5 AC mistakes you make with your roommates and how to fix them to lower your apartment's electricity bill.

Living with roommates can be fun, and you shouldn’t let a high electricity bill come between a great opportunity. Learning our 5 AC mistakes and taking the steps to ensure you and your roommates don’t make them, can help reduce your Texas electricity bills and make living with your roommates that much better!

Unsure of how to start the conversation with your roommates? Check out our How Do I Talk to My Roommate about Our High Electricity Bill blog post for advice on confronting your roommates about high electricity usage!

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