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Outsmart the Energy Vampires in Your Home [Infographic]

October means Halloween, and that means people will spend the entire month trying to find new and innovative ways to startle, spook, and scare their family, friends, and co-workers.

But here at First Choice Power, we never want you to be scared by your electricity bill – no matter what month it is! With this engaging infographic, you’ll learn all about energy vampires – those pesky places in your home where your electronics are slowly sucking electricity and driving up your energy usage.

[Infographic] How to lower your electricity bills by outsmarting the energy vampires in your home.

Outsmart the Energy Vampires and Lower Your Electricity Usage

In 2009, the average U.S. Household:

  • consumed 11,320 kWh(kilowatt-hours) of electricity.
  • nearly 10% (7,526 kWh) was for miscellaneous appliances, electronics, and lighting.
  • vampire loads, also called ” standby loads”, add 10% -20% to the average home’s electricity consumption.

This can add $100 – $200 to your annual bill.

Understand Your Enemies
  • Wall Warts and Power Bricks. AC adapters convert wall current into DC for your gadget, giving off wasted heat and they never turn off.
  • Kitchen Appliances. Coffee makers, slow cookers, and other small appliances still draw power if they have clocks. Unplug them when not in use.
  • Computers, Routers, and Modems. It’s the simple fact; if your computer is on and plugged in, it’s using power – even in sleep/hibernate mode.
  • Remote- Controlled Electronics. They use just enough electricity to stay ready to detect the remote control or computer’s signal. They may not appear to be on, but they really are. ( TVs, cable boxes, disc players, gaming consoles, home theatre systems, and audio equipment. Wireless scanners and printers. Appliances controlled by your smart phone always send “ready” signals and are never completely off.
Winning The Energy Battle

There are inexpensive ways to eliminate vampire loads that can save you energy and money.

  • Pull the Plug – Done charging your phone or not using your printer? Unplug it.
  • Timers – Connect TVs, cable boxes, and game controllers to inexpensive timers that switch off when your are away from home or asleep.
  • Use Power Strips – Plug appliances, computers, or other electronics into a power strip. Smart power strips monitor power usage and turn off when energy fails to stand-by levels.
  • Use Smart Outlets – Plug your devices into a power strip that connects to a smart outlet and you can remotely power on/off multiple appliances with your smartphone.

Start unplugging your electronics and small appliances whenever and however you can. Shine a light on the energy vampires in your home today!

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