How to Make Your Pool More Energy Efficient

The arrival of perfect swimming weather is one of the most exciting parts of summer, but not all pool owners are excited about the cost of maintaining and operating their pools. During the summer season, a pool can use enough energy to power an entire house for three months! That’s why it is important to keep your pool working at peak efficiency. Learn how to make your pool more energy efficient with these money saving tips!

How to Save Energy in Your Pool | The Light Lab

9 Tips to Reduce Pool Energy Use

1. Cover your pool. A pool cover can keep the pool warm, lowering the cost of heating the pool up to 90 percent in the summer! It also dramatically reduces evaporation, helping you save on your water bill, and can lengthen the amount of time between chemical treatments.

2. Run the filter pump efficiently. In the summer, reduce filter operating times to about five hours per day. This can reduce annual energy consumption by up to 50 percent!

3. Get an automatic timer for your pump. With an automatic timer, you can program your pump to run on a limited schedule without the need to manually turn it on and off. If your electricity provider offers time-of-day rates, you can also program your filter to operate when electricity is at the lowest price.

4. Upgrade to an energy-efficient, variable-speed pump. If your standard pump is due for replacement soon, you can reduce the cost of pump operation by up to 70 percent by replacing it with a variable speed pump. Several models of energy efficient pool pumps are certified by the federal ENERGY STAR program.

5. Adjust the thermostat. Just like your home’s thermostat, you can save money on your pool water heater by decreasing your temperature. Everyone likes heated water, but every time you dial down the thermostat by a degree, that’s like putting money back in your pocket. Experiment with lower temperatures to find the lowest setting that still offers the comfort you desire.

How to Save Energy in Your Pool | The Light Lab

6. Create a windbreak. Even a gentle breeze can accelerate your swimming pool’s heat loss and evaporation rate. By erecting a fence or planting tall hedges around your pool area, you can reduce these effects.

7. Go solar. Looking for a bright idea on how to save energy? Pool water heater technology has come a long way, and now you can let the sun work for you by upgrading to a solar pool heater.

8. Replace pool lights with LEDs. While they come at a slightly higher upfront cost, running LED bulbs cost a fraction of what it costs to operate incandescent or halogen lights. If you have decorative lights around your pool area, you can save even more by upgrading those bulbs to LEDs, too.

9. Perform preventive maintenance and updates to your pool. Keeping up with pool maintenance, including cleaning the filter and strainer baskets, will keep you from having costly repairs and replacements.

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