What’s My Perfect Electricity Plan?

At First Choice Power we understand that finding the perfect electricity plan can seem like an impossible task. So we’ve tried to make the process simpler by sharing with you how our plans are meeting the different needs of our diverse customers. From students to free spirits these customer personas help to show there’s an electricity plan for everyone!

The Student

You Got This 12

Between classes, studying , and maintaining your social life, finding the right electricity plan is the last thing on your mind.  Not to mention the hassle of changing plans each year as you move from apartment to apartment.

The perfect energy plan for a student is a fixed rate electricity plan that is the same length as your lease. This insures you’ll have electricity you can depend on, and can minimize the risk of needing early termination from your contract which results in a high fee.  Set a calendar reminder on your phone for when your bill is due, divvy it up between your roommates and enjoy the low investment needed for  electricity you can depend on.

The Budgeter

Power to Go Prepaid

Whether you are just starting out, saving for something big, or hoping to establish good credit, making smart financial decisions can be overwhelming.  Lucky for you, our Power to Go prepaid plan from First Choice Power is a no-brainer!

If you struggle with bad credit or have no credit history, our prepaid electricity plans can help you avoid a high deposit cost while building your credit. Additionally, this prepaid electricity plan helps you to take control of your budget and stay energy savvy by monitoring your energy usage every day. Text and email alerts notify you when your account balance gets low, helping you to stay alert to what you are spending on electricity.

The Minimalist

You Got This 24

If you’ve lived in the same place for years, enjoy consistency, and value convenience, you’ll benefit from a long term fixed rate energy plan. This plan is perfect for your lifestyle because once you sign up, you don’t have to worry about finding another Texas electricity plan for 2 years!

Through our online account manager program you can sign up for auto-pay and paperless billing, ensuring you won’t be bothered by the hassle of paper bills each month. The long term nature of a 24 month contract ensures that if electricity prices go up you’ll keep paying the same low rate.  This helps you save money on your electricity bills and eliminates the hassle of signing a new contract every year.

The Free Spirit

Monthly Freedom Plan

If you have a hard time committing to a long term contract, move frequently, or are in between locations, we have the commitment free plan for you!

First Choice Power’s monthly freedom plan is a month to month electricity plan that offers a great deal on electricity with freedom from a long term contract and early termination fees. You’ll be in the driver’s seat with this plan as you choose when and how to pay for you electricity.

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