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8 Must Visit Barbecue Spots in North Texas

Passion for barbecue runs high in North Texas, which means the tendency of foodies and carnivores to demand no less than perfection pays off handsomely for you. Here, you have your pick of BBQ restaurants that serve smoked, roasted and grilled meats, tender and spiced, to stuff your belly and satisfy your taste buds.

While there are plenty of BBQ restaurants to choose from in North Texas, here are our 8 must-visit barbecue spots everyone should try!

Cattleack Barbecue – Dallas

8 Must Visit Barbecue Spots in North Texas | The Light Lab

If you want to sample the top-ranked barbecue in the entire state, you gotta plan ahead, because this is a small-scale operation that’s seeing blockbuster popularity. Cattleack Barbecue is open only for lunch on Thursdays and Fridays, as well as the first Saturday of the month. Be sure to get there early and queue up before they open to sink your teeth into some beefy, juicy and perfectly balanced brisket.

Lockhart Smokehouse – Dallas

This place has a deep family connection to another Texas legend, Kreuz Market. The granddaughter of the former owner has the market’s famous sausages on the menu! Come for the ribs — especially the Wednesday nights as they serve their salted and peppered beef rib specials. Be sure to keep an eye on their social media pages for smoke camps and classes.

Pecan Lodge – Dallas

Originally a farmers market stand that always drew a crowd for its giant, tender ribs, this small restaurant still lives up to the hype. The mouth-watering brisket was developed on the joint’s namesake family ranch from family recipes. Other menu wins are the mac & cheese and the Hot Mess Sweet Potato, which is loaded with barbacoa, bacon, chives, butter and chipotle dressing. Pro tip: Go with a group and hop in the express line, so you can put in the five-pound order.

Angelo’s – Fort Worth

An icon of the barbecue scene, Angelo’s is a must-visit. Among the throngs of locals, A-list celebrities have been known to stop in for some delicious BBQ. Come on in and experience that old-timey, rowdy barbecue palace experience.

Heim Barbecue – Fort Worth

If you arrive too late for the famous, mouth-watering brisket, worry not. There’s a plethora of more-than-adequate meats on the menu to satisfy your BBQ cravings, such as the bacon burnt ends. That’s because all their meats are expertly rendered and prepared by the founder and pit-master, Travis Heim.  At the surface, it looks like an out-of-nowhere success story, because this place went from humble food truck to mobbed restaurant in record time. Just read the story of how he and his wife spent their early 20’s making a deep study of smoking and barbecuing, and you’ll see the Heims are more than prepared for the task.

Riscky’s Grocery & Market – Fort Worth

8 Must Visit Barbecue Spots in North Texas | The Light Lab

Located in the historic Fort Worth Stockyards, this barbecue institution has been filling bellies with its hand-rubbed, slow-smoked meats since 1927. With over 8 Fort Worth locations, getting your BBQ fix from Riscky’s won’t be too difficult!

Robinson’s Bar-B-Que – Fort Worth

If you’re looking for just a casual bite for lunch, the sweet, smoky aroma from this tiny, unassuming spot will lure you in. Their truly outstanding hickory-smoked chopped beef sandwich and  the rib basket get rave reviews from their customers.

Hutchins BBQ – McKinney

Here, they don’t chase the trends, nor do they coast on the glory they’ve earned over the nearly four decades they’ve been in business. Hutchins BBQ is still in the family, living up to that solid barbecue heritage without taking any shortcuts. When you dine here, you’ll get nothing but authentic wood-smoked meats you’d expect from a family BBQ joint.

Whether you’re from north Texas or simply traveling through, you have plenty of delicious barbecue restaurants to choose from. So cancel your dinner plans and head over to the nearest barbecue joint with some friends and family for a delicious meal!

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