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The Best Barbecue Spots in Texas

There are as many ways to cook up a pig or a cow as there are fleas on a farm dog, but Texas barbecue is one of a kind. Brisket, beef shoulder and mesquite wood are a few of its distinctive features, but we are a big state with a big variety of styles. If there was enough time, we’d say take a few years to travel the state and eat it all, but since that’s not always possible, here’s a rough guide to the best barbecue spots in the state.

Valentina’s Tex Mex Barbecue, Austin. This food trailer is the perfect marriage of barbecue and Mexican cuisines. Devotees will tell you to order anything, but to get there early for their breakfast menu.

The Best Barbecue Spots in Texas | The Light Lab

Louie Mueller Barbecue, Taylor. What makes a perfect barbecue? Many would say it’s the smoke. If this is your contention, make a pilgrimage to Hill Country and visit Louie Mueller’s. If you do, be sure to place your order in advance and get ready to fall in love.

Black’s Barbecue, Lockhart. With the distinction of being the oldest barbecue restaurant in Texas, a visit to this legendary eatery is a must for every true fan of Texas barbecue. With nine types of meat and a pit that holds up to 500 pounds, you might want to get a hotel room and stay for a while.

The Best Barbecue Spots in Texas | The Light Lab

Triple J’s Smokehouse, Houston. For almost 25 years, Houstonians have been raving about a little restaurant off Homestead Road that serves up unforgettable cuts of meat. They have a big selection, low prices and yes, sometimes long lines.

Texas has plenty of delicious ways of serving barbecue, which makes it a perfect place explore and find your favorite joint. So loosen up your belt and happy eating!

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