Green Moving Tips

Moving can be a taxing experience — both on you and the environment. To reduce your stress and make your move eco-friendly, try some of these tips:

1) Plan Ahead

Before move day, go through your materials and downsize, keeping only what you need. Doing so will cut down on the fuel used during transportation.

2) Sell Your Stuff (or Give It to Charity)

Instead of tossing them out, sell your gently used items to people in your community or donate them to a local charity.

3) Utilize Containers You Already Own 

Get creative. Before purchasing packaging material, store what you can in things like suitcases or plastic bins.  Think about using pillowcases, rather than paper, to protect fragile items.

4) Purchase Recycled Packing Materials 

For example, companies like Earth Friendly Moving allow you to rent reusable moving tubs and then give them back when you’re done with your move.

5) Use Eco-Friendly Transportation

To make the fewest trips possible between your new and old residence, it’s often wise to rent a van or truck during your move. Check out websites like for tips on finding eco-friendly rental options in your area.

6) Locate Recycling Facilities in Your New Area 

Upon completing your move, find your closest recycling facilities to help facilitate eco-friendly practices in your new home.

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