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13 Easy Spring Cleaning Hacks for College Students

The flowers are out, the sun is beaming, and the season of spring means it’s time to clean.

But as a college student, you’re often too busy to put in the time to clean. Let’s face it, you have more important things to do!

These simple spring cleaning hacks will have your apartment, dorm room or home sparkling clean using items you already have lying around. They are also low in cost, and easy on your budget.

13 Easy Spring Cleaning Hacks for College Students | The Light Lab

1. Clean your microwave. Microwave dinners, reheating burritos, and late night warm ups leave a microwave stinky and splattered with crusted foods. Simply place a cup of vinegar into the microwave for one minute. The steam will help dislodge old food and the vinegar will kill the bad odors.

2. Disinfect sponges. On a college budget, reusing items is essential. Disinfect sponges your dish sponges by microwaving them for one minute!

3. Get rid of hard water deposits. To scrub off hard water deposits from a shower recess, use a dryer sheet with a couple of drops of water and get to scrubbing!

4. Oil your cutting board. Recondition a wooden cutting board using olive oil and an old cotton rag. Gently dip the rag into the oil and using circular motions push the oil into the wood. This will give it a good as new look!

5. Clean and polish your faucets. Lemons are one of the friendliest hacks to have on hand. Use half a lemon to polish and clean water stains on faucets. Not only will your fixtures be shiny, but the bathroom will smell citrusy fresh.

6. Get rid of cobwebs. No ladder? No problem. Clean the top corners and edges of a room to get rid of cobwebs by taking a cleaning towel and wrapping it around the end of a broom. Use a large rubber band to secure it. Toss your towel into the wash once your done.

13 Easy Spring Cleaning Hacks for College Students | The Light Lab

7. Clean your blinds. Make your blinds sparkle! Make up a mixture of equal parts water and vinegar, and slip an old sock on your hand. Dip the tip of the sock into the mix and wipe away the grime from your wide slatted blinds. Use the other sock to dry them!

8. Clean your blender. Blenders see lots of action in university. It’s easy to clean by adding some warm water to your blender and a few drops of dish soap. Turn it on, and then rinse!

9. Refresh your laundry. Pick up a box of baking soda and bring it to the laundromat next time. One cup will leave your clothes ultra fresh, and bring the vibrancy back to your whites and colors.

10. Polish your jewelry. Jewelry needs a good spring cleaning too, right? Use your toothpaste and an old brush to polish your brass, silver and gold. You can then give it a final polish with a dry towel to bring out the shine.

11. Clean off burnt food. Guilty of burning food and not cleaning your pans properly afterward? No problem. Add a cup of white vinegar to your pan and let it boil. Take it off the stove and add a few tablespoons of baking soda. Allow to cool completely and wipe out the gunky mixture.

12. Wax your stovetop. Grab the car wax from the garage and bring it into the kitchen. Once you’ve wiped off excess crumbs and goop from the stove top, apply a very thin layer of car wax. It will bring it back to looking new, and will make future wipe ups a breeze!

13. Change your air filter. Air filters are inexpensive and easy to replace yourself. Changing them regularly will improve the air quality of your home, remove dust and debris, and help your HVAC run more efficiently.

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