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Moving? Here’s How to Pack Everything in a Small Car!

Welcome to Energy in Your Twenties! This series will help college students, recent college grads, and young professionals prepare for their first experiences with an electricity bill. Whether it’s figuring out how to choose an electricity provider, how to curb your roommate’s excessive electricity use, or how to make homemade dishes without cranking up your energy usage, this series will tackle the questions and obstacles people face during the first couple of years of paying their own electricity bill.

Whether moving after graduation, for a new job, or due to a new relationship, odds are you’ll move more than once during your twenties. In fact, it seems like you move more during this stage of life than any other and, the unfortunate fact is that moving can be tedious and expensive. From purchasing moving boxes, peanuts, and bubble wrap to renting a moving van or storage unit, add up to make moving a costly experience.

But don’t worry, First Choice Power is here to help you stay budget savvy during your move! And what’s more budget savvy then being able to move with just one car? We’ve done our research to find you the 5 best tips for moving across Texas (or anywhere) in a small car.

1) Start With an Audit

Moving is the perfect time to do an audit of the things you own. Taking some time to look through all your items can save you time, energy and money in the long run by saving you the hassle of moving items that you no longer use or need.  One way to do successfully accomplish this, is to  bring in reinforcements! Invite over someone you trust, and go through your home room by room. An extra set of eyes will help you spot the items you can live without and also provide you with an unbiased and unemotional opinion of whether you really should keep something or not.

Extra Tip: This moving tip can also help you stay budget savvy during your move. After you’ve collected all your items to get rid of, take them to a resell shop to make some money!

2) Take Time to Organize

Moving? Here's How to Pack Everything in a Small Car! | The Light Lab

This might be everyone’s least favorite piece of moving advice, but it is absolutely critical. When packing all your belongings in a small car, it’s imperative to maximize all the available space. Haphazardly packing will ensure that once your car is filled to the brim, you’ll find additional items that need to be packed. You can avoid that frustrating situation by organizing your items at the very beginning. Consolidate all your items into one room or space, this will give you an idea of exactly how much space all of your things will need and that nothing will be forgotten.

Extra Tip: This can also make your move-in experience easier, since your belongings will be organized and thus much easier to find.

3) Think Outside the Box

Moving? Here's How to Pack Everything in a Small Car! | The Light Lab

As previously mentioned, one costly item of moving is buying boxes. So consider this, start packing up your items in your suitcases and bags first before investing in any additional moving boxes. Packing your items in this manner helps you save money and effectively uses your small space. Fabric suitcases are great when moving in a small car, because unlike boxes, they are more flexible and can be squished behind and under your seats.

Extra Tip:  If you are packing breakables, use your scarves, sweaters, and sheets rather than store bought peanuts to ensure these valuables stay safe during your move.

4) Get Creative

One of the real challenges of moving across Texas (or any other state) in a small car is transporting your mattress. Regardless of your mattress size, most small cars cannot fit a full box spring and mattress within it. One way to address this is to tie up your mattress to the roof of your car. This can be done with rope and an inexpensive mattress slip. The mattress cover (or slip) helps to make sure that your mattress travels free from any dust, allergens, or any other things it could come into contact with during your move. To tie your mattress to the roof of your car, place the box spring below the mattress, and use ropes to secure it to your car’s roof. During your move, make sure to stop regularly to make sure your mattress remains secure during your long drive.

Extra Tip:  Safety is the most important  factor when traveling like this. If you are concerned or worried about the structural integrity of your car, spend the money to have your mattress shipped to your new location or buy a new one upon arriving.

5) Plan Ahead

Moving? Here's How to Pack Everything in a Small Car! | The Light Lab

Moving is an exciting time, with a new city, new people, and new experiences waiting for you. As a result, it can be easy to overlook some small details. Taking the time to plan ahead ensures you won’t be making important decisions hastily and at the last minute. Your moving strategy is important in helping you stay organized, pack efficiently,and stay budget savvy during your move. Little things like planning your route, packing an arrival/overnight bag, or remembering where you packed your wallet can sneak up on an unprepared mover. A good moving strategy is to make your list of to-do’s starting at least a month before the move. This ensures you won’t be rushed and that you have plenty of time to make all your moving decisions.

Extra Tip: Make sure you’ve set up the electricity at your new home before your move. First Choice Power’s Texas electricity plans make it easy, fast and cost effective to make sure your new home is ready for you when you arrive.

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