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6 Must Follow Food Bloggers for Meal Prep

For many Texans, a home-cooked meal isn’t just about filling their stomach or making sure the kids are getting the right nutrients. Here in the Lone Star State, it can be more of a hobby, a way to cultivate your creative side and indulge your hungry side. New spices, flavors, recipes, ingredients and techniques mean new possibilities at the table and in the kitchen.

However, sometimes, the meal prep inspiration is lacking and it’s hard to know what you want to cook. To keep your culinary spirits up, here are seven of the top food bloggers you should follow. Checking in on them every week to keep yourself well-stocked with meal prep ideas for you and your family!

1) Homesick Texan

If you’ve ever left the Lone Star State for any amount of time, you can identify with the title of this blog. Written by a Texan living in the wilderness of New York City, this blog features a diverse number of recipes from all over our state: from armadillo eggs to boiled crawfish.

2) Love and Lemons

6 Must Follow Food Bloggers for Meal Prep | The Light Lab

Austin couple Jack and Jeanine bring a lot of personality, and a lot of recipes, to this beautiful blog. With recipes for healthy green breakfast tacos and farmer’s market asparagus and potato pizza, this is most definitely a food blog filled with fresh, green and sometimes lemony recipes!

3) Hilah Cooking

This blog boasts that it’s all about simple, delicious meal prep everyone can do. On that note, they knock it out of the park. For added convenience, the blog features a podcast so you can get inspiration on your commute as well as a YouTube channel so you can see just how easy it is to prepare these delicious recipes.

4) Texas BBQ Posse

For those who dream of getting their ribs and chicken smoked to the perfect tenderness and with the right BBQ flavors, this is the blog for you! This extensive website has a blog that showcases to-die-for barbecue recipes and tips, and numerous other features such as advice on equipment, best restaurants and profiles of pit masters.

5) A Simple Pantry

6 Must Follow Food Bloggers for Meal Prep | The Light Lab

Part lifestyle blogger, part foodie, and full-time mom, Karly Gomez has loaded this popular blog with mouthwatering photographs and recipes. As a Texas native, Gomez knows how to cook up fierce, delicious, southern-inspired meals, like this pork and vegetable macaroni and cheese or these sweet and smoky pulled pork cornbread waffle sliders. Just saying that out loud will make you hungry!

6) Andie Mitchell

A rising star in the food world and with good reason, Mitchell began this eclectic blog back in 2010. After losing 135 pounds, her goal was to help others achieve balance in their lives with healthy eating. And that’s exactly what you get in this blog: healthy recipes that are anything but boring, and fabulous insights on how to stay healthy and enjoy what you eat.

We hope perusing this list of top food bloggers has made you eager to get back into the kitchen and try out some new, delicious recipes.

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