4 Texas Outdoor Adventures for Families with Teenagers

4 Texas Outdoor Adventures for Families with Teenagers

While we’ve discussed outdoor adventures in Texas for families with small kids before, we also realize that many families have teenagers to entertain. Here are a few activities around the Lone Star State that should tear them away from their most beloved of digital devices.

1) Get Artsy!

4 Texas Outdoor Adventures for Families with Teenagers
Remember – only paint in approved locales. Vandalism is against the law in most places.

Want to appeal to the artistic teens in your world? Check out SiNaCa Studio in Fort Worth and the Hope Outdoor Gallery in Austin.

  • SiNaCa is a glass art school and gallery. Teenagers 14 years and older can take workshops in glassblowing, kiln forming, and flame work.
  • Hope is one of the largest outdoor galleries for street art in the country. It offers artists of all ages the opportunity to contribute their own pieces to the walls for others to visit. Just make sure to contact HOPE before you visit to get permission to paint. The multi-story facility is constantly changing and is a great place even for the non-artistic members of your family to visit.

2) Get Skating!

4 Texas Outdoor Adventures for Families with Teenagers
Remember to always wear the correct safety gear when skateboarding.

If you have some daredevils in your family who like sidewalk surfin’, Texas has a huge number of skateparks you can visit to catch some air. You can search for your nearest park using Concrete Disciples, but we recommend the following three:

3) Get Flying!

If a skateboard is not your teen’s favored way to catch air, then perhaps Zero Gravity in Dallas is more their style. This theme park offers a variety of extreme rides including bungee jumping and a skyscraper ride that takes you to an incredible 4Gs of force!

For additional indoor skydiving opportunities, the folks at iFly have five different locations around the Lone Star State: Austin, Dallas, Houston (The Woodlands), Houston (Memorial), and San Antonio (coming soon).

4) Get Exploring!

4 Texas Outdoor Adventures for Families with Teenagers
And definitely be sure you wear the correct safety gear when you go kayaking.

If exploring the outdoors is more your family’s speed (and that of your teens) then consider a trip on the Devils River State Natural Area in Del Rio (150 miles west of San Antonio). There are so many activities available from horseback riding, fishing, and hiking – and all the way to a multi-day kayaking adventure.

Please call Texas Parks and Wildlife to make sure you are aware of all the rules and know all the permits necessary for your trip.

Whatever you and your teens enjoy, just know that Texas offers many outdoor adventures to keep the entire family happy.

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