5 DIY Texas-Flavored Halloween Costumes

If you can believe it, Halloween is this week. If your kids still don’t have their costumes already then save your money with these do-it-yourself (DIY) Halloween costumes. They will cost you less than the overpriced pre-made versions, and we’ve included creative ways to add some Texas flavor!

1) Black Cat

5 DIY Texas-Flavored Halloween Costumes
Now THIS is an adorable Halloween costume!

My daughter is going as a little black cat this Halloween. Not only is it cute, It’s pretty easy to put together. We’re using her black leotard and black tights from dance class as the “body and legs “of the cat.

If you need to purchase those items, they can be purchased from retailers like Target and Walmart. I added a black tutu, which is pretty easy to make yourself. Then to complete the costume, I purchased some cat ears and a tail though the tail can be easily made by stuffing socks into black pantyhose and attaching to the leotard with a safety pin.

To add some Texas flavor, wear some black cowboy boots.

2) Scarecrow

A DIY scarecrow costume is adorable and easy to make. It requires a plaid shirt, which you may have at home, and layer it under a pair of jean overalls. You can sew on a few patches of different fabrics on the overalls for added detail.

Take a straw hat, and glue some pieces of hay to the inside but leave enough of the hay so it pokes out of the hat. To top it off, shove some pieces of hay in all the pockets of the overalls and stick some hay out of the sleeves and pant legs if your little trick-or-treater will allow it.

To add some Texas flavor, choose a cowboy hat for the straw hat and wear some boots.

3) Football Player

Football is HUGE in Texas, so it only seems right to dress as your favorite Texas football player for Halloween. Two big players atop the list would be JJ Watt from the Houston Texans and Tony Romo from the Dallas Cowboys.

If an official jersey is too expensive to purchase, just make your own. Buy a t-shirt in that team’s colors and add iron on numbers and letters to make the shirt look like a jersey. Pair it with white sports pants from Walmart or Academy and add some black face paint under the eye for emphasis.

4) Cowboy / Cowgirl

5 DIY Texas-Flavored Halloween Costumes
Not only does this make for a great Halloween costume, you now have the perfect apparel for Rodeo Season in the spring!

This costume can’t get any more Texan. Pair a plaid shirt with jeans. Then add some cowboy boots and a cowboy hat and loop a bandana around your neck. A big belt buckle is a must with this costume, so try to find one if possible. Then to top off the costume, add a bit of rope for a lariat.

5) “It’s Raining Cats and Dogs!”

As any Texan knows, when it does rain, it pours … cats and dogs. So this “raining cats and dogs” costume is an extra creative costume. It calls for a raincoat and rain boots, which you more than likely have already. The main item to the costume is an umbrella decorated with cutouts of cats and dogs. Depending on your abilities, you can either sew on felt dog and cat cutouts, apply sticky felt with the animal cutouts, or even put on stickers. Get your creative juices flowing!

What ideas do you have for DIY Texas-flavored Halloween costumes? Share your ideas with us on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook!

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