The Texas Baseball Update for September 2015: The Race to the Postseason

5 Tips for Enjoying Baseball in Texas

While football might dominate our current sports landscape (especially here in Texas), there are plenty of us in the Lone Star State who love baseball. After all, the game remains “America’s Pastime” – no matter what television ratings and merchandise sales tell you. Since today marks Opening Day 2014, we wanted to share our 5 favorite tips for enjoying baseball in Texas.

It’s a Big State. As the 2nd biggest state in America, our wide open spaces give several baseball teams the chance to call Texas home. Check out this list of the professional teams in Texas – including minor league and independent league offerings – and tell me there isn’t someone to watch within an hour or so drive. Heck, if you’re a big baseball fan, you could set a goal of seeing one game from each team during the summer. And if you include all of the high school and college teams available, there’s a nigh endless stream of options for any baseball fan.

Make it a Family Affair. The setup of a baseball game makes it an ideal way to spend time with the family in terms of overall costs, experience, and bonding time. This is especially true if you take the two major league teams of out the equation. At the smaller stadiums, you can eat cheaply, get up close to the action, and really enjoy the time together. At some locations, you can even sit on the grass beyond the outfield wall and bring a picnic!

Enjoy the Weather. Even with the heat that arrives at the peak of summer, Texas tends to have rather great weather for baseball for long stretches of time. We never experience the cold weather that plagues northern teams in April, September, and October, and there’s always plenty of sunshine to go around. So, when you attend a baseball game in Texas, you’ll always get to enjoy the weather.

Treat Your Friends. Admittedly, if you’re sitting at field level or the suite level at a game, you’re paying good money for your seats. But unlike most other professional sports, it can be rather easy to enjoy a game on the cheap with your friends. Upper-level outfield seats tend to be rather inexpensive (even when popular teams come to town), which means you can afford to take a few friends out for the occasional game as a treat to them! And if you live near a minor league team, the tickets are always quite affordable – it’s your chance to see the new crop of talent before they get to the Big Show!

Root, Root, Root for the Home Team. This tip primarily applies to those of us who are baseball junkies without a local team to call our own (whether you live away from a big city or your favorite team isn’t in Texas). By paying a visit to the minor league teams in your area, you’ll probably have MORE fun if you root for the local team while in attendance. You don’t want to be the person who wears their out-of-state team jersey to see a game where both teams aren’t affiliated. Just go and have a good time rooting for the home team as you watch the game you love.

Hopefully, these 5 tips will help you take advantage of all the great baseball you can see in Texas, whether it’s this year or for years to come. And if you’re lucky, you might want to attend games in person in 2015!

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