5 Tips For Enjoying Texas High School Football

“Football is life.” While this quote sounds a bit extreme, it’s not far from the truth for many towns around Texas. There is so much heart and excitement that goes into Texas football, it’s no wonder why so many shows and movies have been based on Texas football, especially Texas high school football.

While Thursdays and Sundays are dedicated to the NFL and Saturdays to college, it’s Friday night where spectators can see some true, grassroots football. No fancy stadiums (Editor’s Note: Eagle Stadium in Allen, TX did cost nearly $60 million to construct) or players with multi-million dollar contracts – just two competing groups of kids eager to play some football. If you are new to the Lone Star State (or just looking for some great suggestions for the Fall 2014 Season), here are 5 tips for enjoying Texas high school football.

Bring a Folding Stadium Chair or Cushion. While this isn’t a must, it’s a pretty nice option to have, as many high school stadiums have only bleachers to sit on, which get very uncomfortable. Usually the booster club sells them, or you can purchase one from Walmart or Academy.

Attend a Rivalry Game. If you want to see an intense and exciting game that stands out above the rest, then find out which game is the team’s big rivalry game. When a team plays their rivals, it brings out an even higher level of competition, making it more thrilling to watch (unless they get blown out).

Find a Good Seat.  Where you sit can make all the difference when watching football, so there are two things to consider when finding a good seat. One: You want to be close to the 50-yard line so you can see what’s happening on both sides of the field. Two: Sit close to the field so you can be near the action. This will help you see what’s going on and will keep you interested so you won’t miss a great play. Remember, there is no instant replay in high school football, so if you miss it, that’s it.

Watch the Halftime Show. OK – it won’t feature a superstar performer, but halftime shows are pretty entertaining in high school. Usually, the high school band will play and march to a few songs and then the drill team and/or cheerleaders will take the field for a performance.

Watch a Game in Odessa, TX. At some point in your life, make plans to travel to Odessa to watch an Odessa Permian High Panthers football game. This town has so much heart and soul  poured into their high school team, it was the inspiration for Friday Night Lights: the book, movie, AND TV show. At any given game, there will be 20,000 spectators clanging cowbells and pounding bleachers to show their support.  (collegestats.org)

What are your recommendations for enjoying Texas high school football? The state is packed with super-fans of all stripes, so we know that some of our readers can help us enjoy Friday Night football in style!

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