7 Road Trips To Celebrate Springtime in Texas

Springtime is one of the best times in Texas. The weather is beautiful and the bluebonnets are at their peak. Road trips are a must during this time of year to take in the amazing sights and enjoy the endless amount of outdoor activities. Here are 7 road trips to celebrate springtime in Texas.

Hike to Gorman Falls. Who knew we had an exotic, paradise-like waterfall in Texas? It’s Gorman Falls, located within Colorado Bend State Park, in the hill country. The park is beautiful on it’s own without the hike, but if you’re already there why not take the time to visit?

New Braunfels. The spring time is a good time to float down the river (Comal or Guadalupe) in New Braunfels. While the water may be a little chilly, the hot sunshine will keep you feeling warm. In addition to floating the river, check out Schlitterbahn Waterpark that’s tucked along side the Comal River for some great waterpark attractions and river adventures.

Wonder World Park. For those who are heading to New Braunfels to float the river,  make a stop at Wonder World Park . It’s located in San Marcos and is known for its earthquake formed cave thats located deep in the ground. In addition there’s a petting zoo, antigravity house, observation tower, and train ride.

A northeast trifecta. While the bluebonnets are a sight to see in the Texas Hill Country, Texas is also home to other beautiful wildflowers in bright hues of red, orange, and yellow. The best places to view these flowers are about 130 miles northeast of Dallas in the tiny towns of Hughes Springs, Avinger, and Linden. Set your road trip destination for Avinger and then make your way through the next two quaint towns taking in views of pastures bursting with color. In addition to seeing the wildflowers, there is also a festival that takes place April 21-24 called the Wildflower Festival. During the festival, there are parades in each of the towns with live music, bake sales
and more.

Palo Duro Canyon. Head up north to the Texas Panhandle for breathtaking views of the “Grand Canyon of Texas” at the Palo Duro Canyon State Park. There, visitors can hike, bike ride, horseback ride, bird watch, and more.

Mine for topaz in Mason County. Topaz is the state gem of Texas, and apparently Mason County is the only place in Texas where you can hunt for them. There are a number of ranches around
the area that will provide “hunting gear” to set you up for a unique day of hunting for topaz.

Big Bend. Though it’s quite a distance away, going west to the Big Bend region is worth the road trip. Situated among multiple mountain ranges like the Davis Mountains and the Guadalupe Mountains, there is something to do for every nature lover. It’s the perfect destination to hit during spring before the hot Texas heat sets in.

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