Best Hiking Spots in Texas Use Your Energy Outside, Save it Inside

It’s May, which means we only have a few more weeks left of pretty spring weather. It’s important we use these remaining days to spend as much time outdoors as possible before the hot and humid Texas summer hits. Not to mention, the more we’re outside, the less we’re inside and using energy. What better way to spend time and energy outdoors than hiking around Texas? Here are some of the best hiking spots in Texas to use your energy outside and save it inside.

1) South Rim in Big Bend

This hike takes you along the beautiful landscape of Big Bend ending at the ridge overlooking the Chisos Basin floor. It’s long enough to fill up most of your day so if you are planning to hike the trail in one day its important to start out early in order to make it back before sundown. Also keep in mind that the trail starts off gentle but throws in hills to climb and some rough terrain, but the magnificent view at the end is worth the effort.

  • Difficulty: 4
  • Cost: $20
  • Length: 12.6 miles

2) Enchanted Rock

Though its an easy hike, a visit to Enchanted Rock has to be done at some point in a Texan’s life. It takes some effort getting to the top of the rock, but the views are pretty and it’s interesting to know that you hiked up a volcanic mass of volcanic molten.

  • Difficulty: 3.11
  • Cost: $6
  • Length: 7 miles

3) Guadalupe Peak

According to Backpacker Magazine, Guadalupe Peak is one of America’s Best Day Hikes. To hike to the top of Guadalupe Peak, hikers must climb 3000’ which puts them at the highest point in Texas. At the top of the peak, there are breathtaking views of New Mexico and Mexico. One thing to know is hikers will encounter the steepest part of the hike in the first mile or so.

  • Difficulty: 3.76
  • Cost: FREE
  • Length: 8.5 miles

4) Cross Timbers Trail

This moderate hike winds around the shoreline of Lake Texoma. The first part of the trail takes hikers high above the lake providing beautiful views of the lake and it’s surroundings. While the second portion of the hike moves away from the lake and into a thick forest called the Cross Timbers.

  • Difficulty: 3.30
  • Cost: FREE
  • Length: 14 miles

5) Caprock Canyon

With 13 trails each averaging 10 miles long, roaming bison, swimming and more it’s no wonder why Canyon Creek is a must see for hikers. The trails range from rugged and very difficult cliffs and drop-offs to trails with less than a 3 percent grade so there is a trail for every level of hiker.

  • Difficulty: 3.75
  • Cost: $4 Adults, FREE Children 12 and under
  • Length: Over 90 miles of trails


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