Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day in Texas

Here’s some good news — maybe the best news you’ll hear all week. Wednesday, Aug. 2 is National Ice Cream Sandwich Day. So if you’ve been looking for an excuse to chase away the Texas heat by sinking your mouth into a cold slab of ice cream sandwiched by a couple of cookies, now you have one!

While you could simply run down to your local grocery store to satisfy your sweet tooth, we want to help you celebrate this delicious holiday in style. Here are some ways ice cream sandwich lovers around the state of Texas are celebrating the big day:.

1) Sweet Sammies, Fort Worth

Celebrate National Ice Cream Sandwich Day in Texas | The Light Lab

If you’re on a diet, break it; if you’ve been planning to eat more kale, throw those plans out the window. Here, what most people call an ice cream sandwich is known as a Sweet Sammie. It’s two soft and chewy cookies that somehow manage to contain about as much ice cream as you can fit into a sundae. Take a moment to imagine the marriage of your favorite kind of cookie with your favorite ice cream. Now head to Sweet Sammies to make that dream a reality.

2) Smoosh, Houston

Buzzfeed listed Smoosh as one of the top three places in the country to get an ice cream sandwich, so you better believe that people will have their eyes on this delectable ice cream sandwich truck on Wednesday. The truck will be parked from 1 p.m. to 8 p.m. at 5505 Morningside Drive in Houston. They’ll have plenty of freshly baked cookies, premium ice cream flavors and toppings to celebrate.

3) Amy’s Ice Creams, various locations

One of Texas’ favorite ice cream joints, Amy’s Ice Creams has become an establishment in Houston, San Antonio and Austin. On August 2, they’ll be rolling out their ultimate ice cream sandwich: A super-secret recipe involving baked cookies, legendary ice cream and a whole lot of deliciousness.

4) Milk & Cream, Dallas and Houston 

While this Dallas creamery has an extensive menu that will have you planning future trips after you leave, there’s one item that has helped earn it a national reputation — the milk and cream bun. Essentially, this is a sweet bun (similar to a doughnut, though not as sugar-packed) that is stuffed with ice cream and a topping of your choice. Creamy cold ice cream on a delicious bun, topped with your favorite childhood cereal — what’s not to love?

5) Moojo, Austin

If you’re in Austin and find yourself thinking about warm cookies and cold ice cream, stop by Moojo and treat yourself right.

Wherever you are, it’s not too hard to find an ice cream sandwich that perfectly complements this wonderful holiday.

If you purchase or whip up a real masterpiece of a sandwich of your own, be sure to share it with the world, using the hashtag #NationalIceCreamSandwichDay.

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