Coolest Beach Houses to Rent in Texas | The Light Lab

Coolest Beach Rentals in Texas

We’re fortunate enough here in Texas to have abundant coastline where beachcombers, sun lovers and everyone else can find relief from the summer heat in the cool ocean breeze.

Here are some affordable beach houses and rooms you can rent in our great state, and at a price that might surprise you.

Coolest Beach Houses to Rent in Texas | The Light Lab

Redfish Retreat, Rockport Beach. If you like watching the sunset from your balcony, sitting in the shade of a large palm tree and walking out on your private pier to look at miles of pristine water, you might want to reserve this vacation rental. It’s great for fishermen, bird watchers and anyone else looking to soak up life on the Gulf Coast.

Gulf-view condos in Galveston. These simple condos have balconies overlooking the water and just about every amenity you could need, including access to a gym, grills, a pool and more. Shopping centers and restaurants are nearby, and of course the beach is only a short walk down the seawall. There are hundreds of affordable rooms to rent in the area, such as this great room, located in a beautiful condo complex that has easy access to the beach and fishing pier. And if you want to splash around in a pool, you won’t be disappointed.

Homes on Crystal Beach. Stretching over seven miles alongside Highway 87 on the Bolivar Peninsula, Crystal Beach offers everything a beachcomber is looking for, including perfect sand and amazing water. Cobb Real Estate has been selling and renting beachside properties in this area for almost 30 years. If you have a big group looking for an amazing getaway, scroll through their extensive selection of beach homes, each with unique characteristics, to find your little getaway.

Coolest Beach Houses to Rent in Texas | The Light Lab

Charlie’s Place, South Padre Island. This island paradise has long been a hot spot for rowdy spring breakers, but for all the glam and glitz, it’s also an ideal family destination. Located one block away from the beach, and with a deck and grill so you can live life like an authentic islander, this cute, recently remodeled house is perfect for a family of four. And if you’re here on a Friday, the deck is a perfect spot to watch the weekly fireworks.

Boardwalk to the Beach in Port Aransas. Ah, Port Aransas, the jewel of Mustang Island and home of countless childhood memories. It’s no wonder that many have left the crowds of Galveston for the wild dunes and stunning seascape here. Located on a private boardwalk that will bring you right to the beach, this lovely beach house features a large master bathroom, vaulted ceilings and everything else you would expect on a luxury vacation, but for a little less than you might expect to pay.

There are thousands of other homes available to rent on one of Texas’ amazing beaches. So if you want to escape the heat and enjoy the natural air conditioner that is the ocean, start making plans to visit one of these many beautiful places on the Texas coast.

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