Home Runs For Everyone! 6 Tips For Enjoying Baseball In Texas, When You Don\’t Love Baseball

March kicks-off America’s favorite past time, baseball. With major, minor and farm league baseball teams around Texas, it’s no surprise that there are many baseball enthusiasts around the state.

However, if you are anything but enthusiastic when it comes to the game, but know or love a baseball enthusiast, you may find yourself in need of finding some ways to enjoy the sport.  If that is the case,  here are six tips I have found to enjoy baseball in Texas.

Tip #1. Go to a game, and be game. There’s nothing like watching a MLB game in person, especially if you have good seats. Surrounding yourself among other enthusiasts and seeing the players live can really get you into the spirit of the game. If you do head to a ballpark,  be sure to enjoy a cold frosty beverage along with peanuts, Cracker Jacks and/or a ball park hot dog to really embrace the experience.

Tip #2. Check out local minor league teams. Heading to a minor league game is great for the whole family because it’s typically cheaper than a major league game and easier to maneuver around.  Plus the players are trying to make it to the “big leagues” so you find they have just as much heart and skill. Click here for information on Texas’ minor league teams.

Tip #3. Learn how to score. Learning how to keep score can be a fun way to watch a baseball game and pay attention too. Here is a sample scorecard to use to keep track.

Tip #4. Find a player you like. Even if you know nothing about his stats, choose a player you like based on whatever reason you prefer and cheer that player on throughout the game.

Tip #5. Join a fantasy baseball team. Nothing can get people excited more than a little competition so joining a fantasy baseball team is a great way to get interested in the players and the game. In short, individuals “draft” and manage a team of players and use their real-time stats for that team.  Each week you manage your team and can switch and trade players to get the best stats. At the end of the season, the winner typically wins a cash pot and of course bragging rights. Check out ESPN’s website for more information.

Tip #6. Baseball-related games. Over the course of nine innings there’s typically a period of time when the game starts to drag. Instead of zoning out in boredom, initiate a fun game between you and the rest of your group. A few examples of games to play are Guess the Pitch Speed, Call the Play, or Pass the Hat. The first two games are pretty self explanatory and to play Pass the Hat, all participants put a dollar into a hat at the start of an inning. Then each time a player gets up to bat, the hat gets passed clockwise. The person holding the hat when the last out is made wins the money.

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