Prove You’re a Real Texan with Our Texas Gift Giving Guide

Prove You’re a Real Texan with Our Texas Gift Giving Guide

Texans tend to be rather proud people, and this definitely comes out when purchasing gifts for our fellow Texans. We’re always on the lookout for something fun and interesting to represent our state.

So, we decided to help by creating this handy gift giving guide! These selections will help prove you’re a real Texan, or you can use them to help your family and friends become better Texans. Happy shopping!

Prove You’re a Real Texan with Our Texas Gift Giving Guide
Give the gift of Texas every holiday season!


Texans love meat and anything monogrammed, so a monogrammed brand for steaks is the perfect gift idea for any meat-loving Texan. I purchased a monogramming steak brand from Williams-Sonoma, and it came with a monogrammed carving board, creating a near-perfect gift set. You can also order a single personalized steak brand for about $20 cheaper.


To continue with this theme in our gift giving guide, cooking meat is a favorite pastime for Texans, so the gift of a smoker could be a fantastic idea. While these can be expensive, there are options at different price levels.

  • For those with a generous giving budget, a Big Green Egg smoker would top my list. It’s a ceramic cooker you can use as a grill and oven in addition to being a smoker.
  • For a cheaper option, look for high customer reviews for smokers around $200 on websites like Academy and Amazon.


In addition to meat, football is key for Texans, so giving the gift of football is a no-brainer. College bowl games occur during the end of December and in early January, making gift of tickets to a favorite college bowl game quite apropos.

If your football fan doesn’t have a favorite college team, opt  instead for NFL tickets. Be sure to include at least two tickets, and maybe you’ll be invited to go along too!


Prove You’re a Real Texan with Our Texas Gift Giving Guide
Drink well, but drink responsibly!

The “Texas Trifecta” is meat, football, and beer. While Shiner Beer and the Spoetzl Brewery has long been one of the most reputable breweries in Texas, a huge craft beer movement has been rising in Texas for many years. These smaller breweries produce some great craft beer, so a sampler selection of craft beers from around Texas could be a great Christmas present.

I would recommend beers from breweries such as Saint Arnold Brewing Company, Karbach Brewing Co., Jester King Brewery, Austin Beerworks, and Deep Ellum Brewing Company to get you started.

If you do choose to purchase beer as a gift for someone, make sure that person is an adult at least 21 years of age and that the beer is consumed responsibly.


Paris Texas Apparel Co. celebrates everything great about Texas. Though their name says apparel, they offer a variety of gift options ranging from ties, t-shirts, and polo shirts to barware and prints – all designed with a Texas theme. Whether you like armadillos, Texas State flag, oil wells, or something in between, this clothing line will keep it all about Texas.

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