Cool Off and Have Fun at the Top Water Parks in Texas

It’s hot out there! But that doesn’t mean you should stay inside all summer. Beaches, rivers, and lakes are great places to make memories and cool off with the family. But the great outdoors doesn’t always have convenient places for snacks, restrooms, or shelter from the sun.

This summer, make plans with friends and family and head to one of the top water parks in Texas (and the country)! We’ve found four great ones you can enjoy,  but as part of your plans for visiting a water park, consider this checklist:

Cool Off and Have Fun at the Top Water Parks in Texas | First Choice Power

  • Water shoes. Walking on hot wet concrete all day can wear down the soles of your feet!
  • Sunblock. Apply first thing in the morning, and then reapply every other hour (at minimum). This might appear to be inconvenient, but it’s better than fighting sunburn the next few days!
  • Waterbottles. The kids might feel cool and refreshed in the water, but they still need to stay hydrated while hanging out in the chlorinated water and sun all day
  • Wide-brimmed hat. Shade isn’t always available, so pack a hat. You won’t regret it.
  • Learn if the park allows you to bring your own food. If so, definitely bring a cooler with wheels, loaded with fruit, sandwiches, and trail mix to stay powered up all day while you play. Just don’t bring any glass containers, since most parks don’t allow them.
  • Dry clothes. Nothing is nicer than changing into dry clothes for the drive home after a day spent wet!
  • Buy tickets online. You can often find tickets discounted online. Look around for coupons, and buy tickets before you arrive for the best deals.

1) Schlitterbahn Waterpark and Resort, New Braunfels

Cool Off and Have Fun at the Top Water Parks in Texas | First Choice Power

Year after year, Schlitterbahn is at the top of the list… because it’s awesome! There are thrills and rides for all swim levels and ages, plenty of shade, free parking, and tons of food options.

While Schlitterbahn offers multiple endless lazy rivers that circle around the park, we recommend you seek the excitement of the best water ride in the nation! The Master Blaster Uphill Water Coaster is over 1000 feet in length and six stories tall, giving you the same up and down sensation of being on a roller coaster, except you are propelled by water jets!

Heated pools, kiddie pools, and other daredevil water slides and rides are just a few features of Schlitterbahn, that make it a family destination summer after summer.

You’re allowed to bring in your own food and drink, a huge bonus for families, and their cabanas for rent make it easy for families to leave their gear and return for a respite in between rides. Lastly, purchase the Blast Pass – it’s worth the price!

2) Great Wolf Lodge, Grapevine

Touted as the largest indoor waterpark in Texas, Great Wolf Lodge is a weatherproof wet and wild playground for families. From massive wave pools to miniature water slides, this park features include fun for all ages and swim levels.

Try out Alberta Falls, a four-story fast water tube that spirals from inside the venue, to outside, before dumping you off into the plunge pool at the end. Coyote Canyon, best for the teens in your life, drops you 40 feet in the air into a water jet fueled vortex! If this is all too much for mom, then head with her over to the either the North or South Hot Springs, where a more mellow vibe with warm, relaxing heated water awaits you for restoration.

Check out the rates for their onsite hotel that include day water passes. Some rooms include colorful murals for the kids, along with little wooden built-in cabins for them to sleep in.

3) Schlitterbahn, Galveston Island

Cool Off and Have Fun at the Top Water Parks in Texas | First Choice Power

The little brother of the original New Braunfels in San Marcos, the Galveston location is a smaller version for people visiting the Texas coast seeking a break from the beach. Lose the sand and spend the day having thrills on water rides, or lounging beneath an umbrella on the sides one of their many pools.

On the Boogie Bahn, folks can surf on ocean like waves on a boogie board. At over 83 feet tall and brand new for 2016 to commemorate Galveston Schlitterbahn’s 10th Anniversary, MASSIV is the worlds tallest water coaster. Touted as being scary and aggressive, it made the Guinness Book of World Records!

Multiple kids’ areas make it easy for the little ones who aren’t strong swimmers to still have fun. Multiple lazy rivers connect to form their Transportainment River System, allowing guests to float throughout the park, without ever having to leave the water!

Schlitterbahn also has satellite locations in South Padre Island and Corpus Christi.

4) Six Flags Fiesta Texas, San Antonio

Cool Off and Have Fun at the Top Water Parks in Texas | First Choice Power

From hundreds of feet of tubular water rides and to lazy rivers, to a massive Texas-sized wave pool that holds half a million gallons of water, Six Flags Fiesta Texas offers wet and watery fun, alongside their regular roller coasters and rides for the whole family.

Access to the water park is included in the admission to the main park, so start your morning off with thrills and chills on some of their roller coasters and then end the day cooling off by hitting up the water attractions.

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