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Where To Experience Extreme Sports in Texas

Welcome to Go Inside: Exploring Texas Culture! Brought to you by First Choice Power, this series will explore the legends and history that make up the meat and bones of the Lone Star State. Specifically, we’ll share our favorite indoor attractions to visit, which includes the great museums and quirky cultural outposts that fill the Texas landscape.

If everything is bigger in Texas, then our selection of extreme sports is no different. A landscape that is dotted with adventures and folks ready to show you the ropes, we take you across the state to dive into the heart of our adrenaline junkies.

As with any extreme sports, danger is part of the thrill, and process. Always follow strict recommendations and rules, and wear appropriate gear before risking your safety. When in doubt, ask questions! And if you are just recovering from a surgery or something of the like, then we recommend waiting to skydive when you’re fully recovered.

Follow along as we show you were to rock climb, bull ride, sky dive and more!

Bull Riding

Where To Experience Extreme Sports in Texas | The Light Lab

If Rodeo is Texas’ State Sport, then you can bet there’s a place where thrill seekers can test their strength at lasting 8 seconds on a bucking bull. And this isn’t for the faint of heart.

Sankey Rodeo School, located in New Caney, is run by Lyle Sankey, a pro rodeo contestant, coach and author. He is one of only four men to quality for National Finals Rodeo in Bare Back, Saddle Bronc, and Bull Riding – so he’s more than qualified to teach Texans the art of bull riding!

In this 3 day experience, you’ll be immersed in a structured and planned program that fits you with livestock to meet your age, athletic ability, energy and ambitions.

For beginners, here you can get the fastest, most affordable and safety start possible in the sport. Your dream of being a rodeo star can really come to fruition!

Sky Diving in Texas

We are known for our big beautiful skies, so why not take a leap of faith and jump right into those big Texas skies?

Skydive Spaceland, located south of Houston, was established in 2000, and hosted the U.S. National Skydiving Championships in 2009. Founded by the Boyd family, this is a three-generation family drop zone/skydiving training center specializing in innovative, constantly refined skydiving education. Located on a 130-acre private airfield, they host about 100,000 skydives annually. Newbies welcome!

If you’re in the San Antonio or Austin area, then head for Skydive Lonestar, who welcome beginners, tandem jumpers, or those with experience. You can also obtain your skydiving license from here, with their most popular being their Accelerated Freefall Program. For college students, show your ID to get a discount!

Cliff Jumping

Where To Experience Extreme Sports in Texas | The Light Lab

A sport as old as man, there are a few places that are extra special to dive off a cliff, and plummet down into the cool waters of a Texas lake or spring fed creek.

Paleface is one of the more popular spots in Texas to cliff jump, located in the Pace Bend Park run by Travis County, on stunning Lake Travis. Jumpers need to be extra cautious about exactly how deep the water is. It goes without saying that if you’re going to cliff jump, you better be confident in jumping out far as to not scrape the rocks.

If water levels are deep enough, you can also find places to cliff jump in the Barton Creek Greenbelt in Austin. Wearing shoes is key to being able to grip and climb back up for jump after jump! It also helps if friends stay at the top and secure a rock climbing rope to help you back up.

At Inks Lake State Park you’ll find the Devil’s Waterhole, another great cliff to jump off into the cool waters of Inks Lake. Located outside of Burnet, this is a great park for kayaking, hiking, and camping, too. If you go in the springtime, it’ll be less crowded than during the summer, and you’ll get to see all the incredible wildflowers as well!

Hog Hunting from a Chopper

Yes, you read right!

The population of feral hogs is out of control, and ranchers and farmers need to get a handle on these animals that are destroying their land and farming. The Texas Parks and Wildlife permits hunting feral hogs year round, by any means necessary, any time of day. Hogs and coyotes are the only animals the state allows to be hunted by helicopter.

Companies such as HeliBacon offer hunters the opportunity to kill hogs from a helicopter! They are offering their clients a unique experience where aerial depredation of feral hogs is effective, memorable, and safe.

You are allowed to use your own gun, within their guidelines, and you’ll need a valid Texas hunting license. If you are not a gun owner, you can purchase a Helicopter Hog Hunting Package that comes with a fully outfitted semiautomatic AR-15 and unlimited ammo.

Pork Choppers Aviation is another company offering hog hunting from helicopters. Hurry though, they only operate from August through October 31!

Rock Climbing and Rappelling

Where To Experience Extreme Sports in Texas | The Light Lab

The geology in our state creates a sensational backdrop for camping, hiking, photography, landscape painting and also, rock climbing.

Our state parks welcome rock climbers, and as always, encourage full preparations and safety requirements before starting out on some of those challenging climbs.

Enchanted Rock State Natural Area, Franklin Mountains State Park, Hueco Tanks Historic Site, and Lake Mineral Wells State Park and Trailway, are a few state parks open to climbers.

Check your equipment to make sure it’s all in proper working condition, and always wear a helmet. Proper conditioning and warm up will help keep sprains and strains at bay, and as always, mental preparation is one of the most important parts of the rock climbing experience.

If any of these extreme sports interest you, then what are you waiting for? Pack the car and your gear and get your adrenaline on…but stay safe!

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