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Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Texas

There’s no need to visit Japan or Washington D.C. to see an incredible and fresh display of cherry blossoms that announce spring has arrived!

The bees are buzzing and finding their way to the nectar of the blossoms, and you too can enjoy their ephemeral beauty, which much like the bluebonnets in our state, last for only a short time.

When rain and lower temperatures are present, the color of the blooms tend to be more enhanced, and naturally the rest of the landscape is more alive with color. So it’s mostly in the northern parts of our state where you’ll find these beautiful trees in bloom.

Check your calendar and make a plan to journey and see our cherry blossoms here in the Lone Star State.

Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Texas | The Light Lab

Dallas Arboretum, Dallas

Head for Dallas to visit their world class arboretum, where you’ll find the foaming beauty of pastel pink and white cherry blossoms.

Dallas Blooms is an event that takes place from late February until the early weeks of April, and features wine tastings, tours of the garden with master gardeners, international foods on different weeks, and even face-painting during the week for Tiny Tot Tuesday, and Mommy and Me Mondays.

With spring upon us, we see bulbs painting the landscape with their color. Daffodils, tulips and ranunculus join cherry blossoms to create a display of 500,000 blooms.

You’ll find the cherry blossom trees in the Pecan Grove. There are plaques to give insight to the origin of these trees, and to share a little about Japanese culture where the iconic tree is found.

The Fort Worth Japanese Garden, Fort Worth

Just west of Dallas you’ll find, in my humble opinion, the state’s best Japanese Garden at The Fort Worth Botanical Garden.

Located on 7.5 acres and completed in 1973, the Japanese Garden features cherry blossom trees, magnolias, bamboos, Japanese maples, and koi ponds holding more than 1,200 fish.

The garden practices Mono no Aware, which translates to transient-bittersweet beauty. This means that if the garden were always in bloom, it wouldn’t be as special, so seeing it during the spring is a true delight.

Where to See Cherry Blossoms in Texas | The Light Lab

Japanese Garden in Hermann Park, Houston

Located in the heart of the city between the Museum District, Rice University, and the Medical Center lies Hermann park, a place in Houston where families and friends gather to visit the zoo, have a lawn picnic, or to take in a live and free concert at Miller Outdoor Theater. It is also where the Japanese Garden is located, and another place in our state where you can catch cherry blossom trees blooming, if only for one short moment in time.

To commemorate the 100th anniversary of Japan’s famous gift of 3,000 flowering trees to the United States in Washing D.C., Japan’s Chiba City, which is Houston’s “sister city,” gifted Houston 20 cherry trees in 2012.

In the garden you will meander along paths of azaleas, dogwoods, Japanese maples, and peach and cherry blossom trees. The path circles a lake where visitors can sit in meditative reflection, and enjoy the tranquility of this space nestled within Houston.

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