Celebrate Earth Day Firsts with First Choice Power! [Infographic]

Celebrate Earth Day Firsts with First Choice Power! [Infographic]

Starting with its origins in 1970, Earth Day has been all about breaking barriers and setting firsts as we shower our planet with love and care. First Choice Power wants to honor these efforts by commemorating all the key first accomplishments that have occurred in the history of Earth Day!

Some Earth Day firsts include:

  • 1970: April 22nd marked the very first Earth Day in the U.S.
  • 1990: The holiday went global.
  • 2009: Earth Day was officially renamed International Mother Earth Day by the U.N.
  • 2011: Nonprofit Earth Day Texas was founded and hosted its first outdoor event in 5 blocks of Dallas’ Arts District. The event is now hosted over three days at Fair Park in Dallas.
  • 2012: In China, over 100,000 people rode bikes to use less fuel.
  • 2016: Make your own Earth Day First.

[Infographic] Celebrate Earth Day by remembering some of the most memorable and green firsts! Learn how you can make a difference.

Here Are some First Steps :

  1. Start composting.
  2. Reuse water bottles and shopping bags.
  3. Enjoy meatless Mondays.
  4. Set your thermostat a few degrees higher.

To learn more about how you can set your own Earth Day firsts this year (and every year!), check out the Green Power section of The Light Lab!

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