Five Tips for Going Green on St. Patrick’s Day!

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St. Patrick’s Day is known for being green – green clothes, green food, green decorations, and yes even green beer! But what the holiday isn’t known for, is actually being “green” – i.e. environmentally friendly. In fact, depending on how you choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, the holiday can have major negative impacts on the environment.

But that doesn’t mean you have to stop celebrating one of your favorite holidays! With these five tips, you can still have a blast celebrating St. Patrick’s day while being environmentally conscious.

1) Your Attire

Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day! | The Light Lab
Your closet doesn’t have to look like this to find green attire for your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations.

One of the biggest traditions of St. Patrick’s day is wearing green. And as a result, every year, many people flock to stores to buy the latest St. Patrick’s day clothing styles. Unfortunately these clothing are worn one day of the year, and most don’t live to see next year’s St. Patrick’s day holiday.

Instead of spending money on yet another St. Patrick’s day attire, choose to wear something green you already own. Your green attire can be anything, even a pair of socks or a hat! If you don’t have anything green, try borrowing something from a friend or shopping at one of your local thrift stores. After all, you’ll probably only wear it once!

2) Support Local

During your St. Patrick’s day festivities, support your local brewery and restaurants by choosing to dine at their establishments. The more local the food and beer is, the less transportation costs are associated with getting your food and alcohol to you.

If your festivities include throwing a party, purchase your food from local farmer’s markets and purchase beer from local breweries. Not only will you be helping to cut down on gas emissions, but you’ll also support your community while providing your guests with fresh and tasty food.

3) Decorations and Accessories

Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day! | The Light Lab
This hat would look even cuter if it was made from recycled materials!

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle! Instead of going out and buying new St. Patrick’s day decorations or accessories, try reusing your decorations from previous parties or making your own! Your guests will love the handmade party hats and decorations you make, and there are tons of great DIY sites you can get ideas from. You can get as creative as you want while still preserving landfill space and protecting the environment!

4) Bike or Walk

Reduce your carbon footprint by choosing to bike or walk to your St. Patrick’s Day festivities this year. You’ll be able to enjoy the beautiful spring weather, save money on gas, help protect the environment and reduce your city’s air pollution.

If your festivities are too far, consider using public transportation or carpooling with friends and family.

5) Clean Up After Yourself!

Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day! | The Light Lab
Make sure not to litter during your St. Patrick’s Day celebrations (or any other day).

Probably the most important tip on this list! No matter how you choose to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year, it’s important to keep the environment top of mind during your festivities. Whether you’re attending a pub crawl, your city’s annual St. Patrick’s Day parade, or hosting/attending a party, make sure to properly clean up after yourself. That means – no littering! Dispose of your trash appropriately, and recycle whenever possible.

Remember, just because you’re having fun that doesn’t mean you can throw caution to the wind when it comes to being environmentally conscious. With these five tips, you can celebrate St. Patrick’s Day this year while helping to preserve the environment.

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