How Can I Go Green in My Apartment?

Apartment living can be a fantastic way to live your life a little greener – if you know the right steps to take. Apartments are smaller and tend to be more energy efficient, as less energy is lost when multiple dwellings are built together.

However, when you are truly dedicated to going green and lessening your impact on the world, apartment living can be difficult at times. You can’t make changes to the building as a whole, and you are often bound by the terms dictated by the management company. We want to share four quick and easy ways to help you go green in your apartment.

1) Look for Green Complexes

How Can I Go Green in My Apartment? | First Choice Power
Xeriscaping – instead of landscaping – shows a commitment to green living, because your apartment complex isn’t wasting precious resources watering lots of grass.

First and foremost, if green living is important to you, then the choice of apartments should be too. Search for an apartment complex dedicated to green solutions. This can include xeriscaping (landscaping that reduces water usage for irrigation), installation of solar panels, or the use of green technology and recycling options.

It could even be as simple as choosing an apartment that lets you choose your energy provider, so you can opt for green energy sources instead of traditional forms.

2) Use Green Products

How Can I Go Green in My Apartment? | First Choice Power
Seriously – if you’re committed to green living and energy efficient living, you should already know the benefits of LED light bulbs over traditional incandescent bulbs.

While your apartment might provide light bulbs or air filters, you can usually choose to provide them yourself, so opt for green alternatives. This may mean a little less money in your pocket, but the environment will thank you (and so will your energy bill). You should also consider asking your apartment complex to consider such alternatives themselves – if enough people ask, the management may start to listen!

3) Reduce Your Energy Usage

Always adjust the thermostat and fan settings for the seasons. This means setting your thermostat to 78 degrees F in the summer and 68 in the winter, while making sure your fan directs warm air down in the winter then up in the summer.

Bring light into dark areas by using mirrors instead of an extra lamp, and even set up small solar panels in your windows to charge devices or backup battery chargers.

4) Recycle

How Can I Go Green in My Apartment? | First Choice Power
And let’s face it – you should already be recycling, no matter where you live.

Unfortunately, many apartments do not offer recycling. However, it is one of the simplest ways we can reduce our environmental impact. Think carefully about what you purchase and opt for reusable containers or buy in bulk where possible (using your own containers) to reduce what you have to take to the recycling center yourself.

Living in an apartment and green living don’t have to be mutually exclusive. It may require just a little more effort on your part to truly go green, but anything worthwhile usually does!

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