Green Cleaning Tips

We all appreciate a tidy house, but using cleaning products that are full of chemicals are harmful to you and the environment—plus they can be expensive! To save your wallet some green while protecting yourself and the earth, try these natural green cleaning solutions.

1) Lemons

Other than brass plated items, there’s little that this fruit can’t clean. Use lemons to shine chrome faucets, scrub grout and even clean your microwave! Check out “24 Things You can Clean with Lemon” for more ideas.

2) Vinegar

Distilled white vinegar is a hidden gem when it comes to cleaning. From killing mold to de-clouding glassware, the acidity of vinegar makes it a powerful cleaning agent. For instructions on how to clean with vinegar, venture over to the Vinegar Tips website.

3) Baking Soda

This common baking ingredient is great at deodorizing stinky refrigerators and garbage receptacles, and can also be used to remove burnt-on food from pans and scuff marks from a floor! Read “Clean Your Entire Home With These 12 All-Natural Baking Soda Solutions” to discover more ways to clean with baking soda.

4) Salt

In addition to flavoring dull food, salt can shine your silver, remove mildew stains and even unclog your drains! Get tips for green cleaning with salt by checking out “25 Ways to Clean with Salt.”

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