5 Savings Suggestions for Enjoying Thanksgiving on a Budget

5 Savings Suggestions for Enjoying Thanksgiving on a Budget

Thanksgiving is time to appreciate all the blessings in your life, but it can also be a time of stress because of the money required to fund a traditional feast. If you are concerned with the costs of Turkey Day, but still want to throw a nice shindig for your family and friends, we have 5 tips for enjoying Thanksgiving on a budget.

1) Host a Potluck

5 Savings Suggestions for Enjoying Thanksgiving on a Budget
You see all this tasty food? If you plan properly, you might not need to prepared any of it yourself.

There’s no rule saying that you as the host have to provide everything for your Thanksgiving feast. Instead, divvy up the load by asking each of your guests to bring a certain item. Just be sure to assign each guest with a specific item such as an appetizer, side dish, or dessert to keep from ending up with all sweet potato dishes and no desserts.

2) Search for a Discounted Turkey

In the past, grocery stores offered free turkeys for spending a certain amount of money at their store during the month of November. While I couldn’t find an offer for a free turkey at the moment, Randalls is offering a Honeysuckle Turkey at $0.59/lb with a $20 minimum purchase while supplies last.

3) Set Up DIY Decorations

5 Savings Suggestions for Enjoying Thanksgiving on a Budget
Memorable Thanksgiving decorations don’t have to be fancy. Instead, they should reflect the personality of your family!

Decorations provide a festive touch for your party, though they can get very expensive. That’s when do-it-yourself decorations come in handy. There are a number of Thanksgiving-oriented DIY decorating ideas online to help give your party a little pizzazz.

One idea in particular I like is to spray paint large leaves and different-sized pumpkins gold or silver and then place them on the table and around the house.

4) Shop the Sales

In the week leading up to Thanksgiving, grocery stores will offer more and more discounts on Thanksgiving-related items like cranberries, pie fixings, and more. While it saves time to plan and shop ahead, it could be better for your budget to wait until closer to the big day for sales.

5) Make the Party BYOB

Alcohol is one of the biggest budget-breaking bandits. If it is important to you to have booze at the party, ask guests to bring their favorite drink of choice. A fun grownup activity my family enjoys is to have each person bring a bottle of wine under a certain price point and do a blind wine tasting. We rate the bottles we like the best, and if the bottle you brought receives the most votes, you wins. Then the wine can be used for people to drink throughout the rest of the day.

First Choice Power hopes these tips help you have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your friends and family!

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