5 Tips for Beating the Texas Heat with Your Move

If you’re planning a move this summer, you are not alone. Statistically, summer is the most popular season for home moves and, when you compare it to winter, it’s easy to see the benefits. But while moving in the summer means you won’t have to worry about carrying packages in frigid temperatures, you’ll still being doing some heavy work in the Texas heat.

Can you beat the Texas heat and survive your summer move? Well, we’re happy to provide these 5 tips:

  1. Right move, right time. As soon as you decide you’re going to move, your next decision should be when to move. Be sure to nail down the day and time. Moving in the mid-afternoon exposes you and your fellow movers to the full force of the Texas heat. Make the move easier on everyone by planning to move in the early morning or after dinner. These times yield lower temperatures, which will make the move more comfortable for everyone.
  2. Reinforce the boxes. Before you worry about how you’re going to pack your items, make sure the packages you place them in are ready. Texas heat can create unwanted moisture around your boxes, causing the tape to eventually peel away. This puts your items at risk of spilling onto the ground. You can protect against accidents and damage by adding a second or third layer of tape to each box to create the stability your items deserve. And if you don’t want to add multiple layers, purchase moisture-resistant, heavy-duty packaging tape to protect your boxes from the Texas heat.
  3. Create a barrier for your electronics. Your electronics have provided you with hours of entertainment, so be kind to them when it’s time to move. Protect them from the Texas heat by wrapping them in blankets or bubble wrap to shield them from the sun and provide a cushion for the bumps and slides of the move.
  4. Look out for wooden furniture. Like your electronics, the Texas heat can be hard on your wooden items, too, particularly wooden furniture. Moisture or the sun may lead your wooden furniture to crack or peel. Protect it by layering each piece in a coat of varnish or simply covering the surfaces to shield them from the sun. Like your electronics, wrapping your furniture in blankets will also keep them safe during the move.
  5. Create a welcoming environment. When you finally arrive at your new home, turn on the air conditioning to create a welcoming environment for your moving team. At moving’s end, you and your fellow movers will all be hot and tired, so walking into a cool home creates a savory reward.

Moving in the Texas heat can be challenging, but with the proper preparation there’s no reason you, your belongings and your movers can’t all arrive at your final destination safe and sound.

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