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Eco-Friendly Valentine’s Day Cards and Gifts

Valentine’s Day is one of those celebrations that has a disposable nature, and a costly price tag to go along with it.

Flowers are sold by the truck load, and they often don’t include flowers that grow beyond a week or two.

By embracing eco-friendly cards and gifts, you can not only save a few bucks, but also create something that is heartfelt and environmentally friendly.

We share our ideas on how to ditch the new and expensive, and tune into other creative ways to pull at the heart strings. For kids or adults, these sweet Valentine’s Day cards and gifts will win hearts all over town.

Leaf Rubbings with Crayons

Easy Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Cards and Gifts | The Light Lab

What says eco-friendly more than the veins of fallen leaves? With February 14th marking the near end of winter, there should be leaves all over the ground where you live.

Using some medium to thin paper, arrange your leaves, and then cover them with the paper. Use crayons to rub over them and reveal their imprints. Once you’ve got your designs, fold the paper in half, and possibly then in half again, to make lines as to where to cut your little cards.

It doesn’t matter if your leaves are cut in half. It’s the organic nature of the project that makes these little cards so adorable.

Magical Valentine Wands

This project is more keyed in for your child, but I can name a few adults in my life that would love to receive this as a Valentine!

Head outside and gather some twigs measuring between 14 inches and 20 inches. Make sure they are free from dirt and clean. Wash them if need be, and allow them to dry completely before adorning them.

Take some red, pink or any color acrylic paint of your choosing, and pour it into a cup that is at least 5 inches deep. Tempera paint works well too, and makes for easy clean up.

Dip the end of the twig into the paint, remove it and let it dry on some old newspaper.

Gather some red, gold, or silver glitter, and sprinkle it over the wet area of the wand. The glitter will dry into the paint and your wand is created!

You could add some bows onto the wand for added charm.

Seed Packet Valentine’s

What is more eco-friendly than local wildflowers or herbs grown from seed?

Gather some watercolor paper or some small envelopes that aren’t being used. Head to the local nursery, and grab the largest packet you can find for seeds that grow effortlessly in your area. Think about what are good for birds, butterflies, caterpillars and natives that grow naturally well in Texas, such as purple coneflowers, bluebonnets or cosmos.

Decorate the envelopes or paper with a wash of pink, blue, green and red watercolor paint. If you don’t have watercolors, then diluted acrylic paint works fine.

With the watercolor paper, cut them into pieces measuring 5 inches x 3 inches. Fold it in half and tape it along the edges to keep the seeds contained.

Divide the seeds up into how many valentines are to be given out. Distribute seeds evenly.

Write on the envelope or homemade pocket a short message that reads: “Watch Our Love Bloom,” or, “You Brighten My World Like Wildflowers.” You could also include simple instructions such as “surface sew, water in.”

Heart Shaped Upcycled Drawer Sachets

Easy Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Cards and Gifts | The Light Lab

Using old cotton scraps, or perhaps cutting into an old dress or shirt that you no longer wear, cut out heart shapes and pin the wrong sides together. Sew them around their edges leaving about 1 inch in which to fill the bag.

Fill them with dried lavender and scent it with your favorite essential oil.

For children’s Valentine’s, you could make a set of 3 of the little hearts and fill them with dried beans or lentils to make bean bags.

Seal the little pockets by hand sewing them, or sealing their edge on the machine.

A Valentine Card Full of Coupons

Avoid buying chocolates, flowers or jewelry, and instead, make a homemade card that reflects you and your Valentine’s aesthetic.

Inside, place 4-5 pieces of paper with little handwritten coupons inside. Think of things to write like, “this coupon is for one 30 minute foot massage,” or, “this coupon is equal to two loads of laundry washed, folded and put away.” Really play up on what your Valentine loves, and tailor it to their needs and wishes!

Handmade Collaged Cards

Easy Eco-Friendly Valentine's Day Cards and Gifts | The Light Lab

Embrace the spirit of surrealism! Using homemade cards made from watercolor paper or cardboard, grab the nearest magazine and start cutting. Go wild!

Cut hearts, stars, bodies, flowers and whatever else emanates romanticism and love.

You could cut out two animals and place them side by side! Find two images of flowers and glue them down next to each other. Sometimes the simplest sentiment is the best.

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