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Hosting a Fun and Energy Efficient Pool Party

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Hosting a Fun and Energy Efficient Pool Party

Every college student knows the importance of throwing an epic pool party during the summer, especially when you live in Texas. With the hotter temperatures and longer days, catching up with friends at your neighborhood pool is a great way to cool off and get some sun! Just because you are outdoors and not using your home’s electricity, it doesn’t mean you get to throw energy efficiency out the window. Throwing a fun pool party doesn’t have to be detrimental to the environment or your budget.

If you want to throw an energy efficient pool party your friends won’t forget, here are five tips to follow!

1) Send Out Invites Electronically

Save money and trees by sending out electronic invites for your pool party. You can set up a private event on Facebook to invite your friends to. This allows you to keep all your guests up to date with any changes without having to reach out to each individual guest. Facebook also will automatically send out a reminder to all your guests about your invite, saving you the hassle to send out reminder texts. And after your pool party, your guests have a place to rave about all the fun they had and share the epic photos everyone took!

2) Forget About Decorations

Hosting a Fun and Energy Efficient Pool Party | The Light Lab

One of the great things about having a pool party is you don’t need to spend money on paper decorations! Decorations are no fun or use to your guests when they’re swimming away in a pool. Instead, bring out fun toys to keep your guests occupied. Like a Frisbee, beach volleyball, cute floaties in the shape of a donut or pizza, and even water-proof playing cards! Not only will your friends have fun, but the cleanup will also be much easier and less harsh on the environment.

3) No Cooking Necessary

Another great thing about having a pool party is there is almost little to no focus on the food! Your guests will be so hungry after swimming, that they will scarf down almost anything you put out. So don’t worry about cooking up anything fancy with lots of ingredients and dozens of steps. Keep it simple with chips and dip, fruits, veggies, bread, deli meat and other meals that don’t require any cooking.

4) Keep the Party Outdoors

Try to minimize the number of times your guests or you go back into your apartment. Every time the door opens, you’re letting hot air into your home, making your AC work harder to keep your home cool. If there’s a restroom in the pool area of your complex, ask your guests to strictly use that restroom instead of going into your apartment. Not only will this minimize the number of times your front door is opened, but it’ll also keep your apartment clean as you won’t have dripping wet guests coming inside to use the bathroom!

5) The Clean Up

Hosting a Fun and Energy Efficient Pool Party | The Light Lab

Don’t forget about the clean up! Just because your party is outdoors and not in your home, it doesn’t mean you should slack off when it comes to cleaning up. Any trash left behind by you or your guests can be harmful to the environment. Make sure to throw away any napkins and disposable utensils, plates and cups your guests may have used. Don’t forget about recycling! Gather any empty water bottles, cans and plastic bags or wrappers in a separate bag so you can drop them off at the recycling center. You could even ask one of your guests to drop it off on their way home, you did throw an epic pool party after all, it’s the least they could do!

So what are you waiting for? Get out your phone and start planning your action-packed and energy efficient pool party today!

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