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How to Throw a Green Halloween Party

Halloween is one of those celebrations that could completely haunt your wishes to live a green and eco-friendly life! But don’t let this be another time of year that is prone to waste.

If you’re planning to host a Halloween party this year, make it green! Think of ways you can use items you already have, rather than buying more from the store. Also think of ways you can party without creating so much trash and waste.

Simple Table Decor

Make the decorating of your tables simple and eco-friendly. Pick up some small pumpkins from the store that you’ll be able to keep around for Thanksgiving.

For some vertical eye catching table decor take a few mason jars, fill them with dirt or small stones from your garden, and then place tall sticks and leafless branches in them from your yard. You can also paint these black or silver to add more drama.

If you are a crafter and are familiar with wool roving, you could add a few wisps of this to the sticks to make them look like spider webs.

Wicked Apple Heads

How to Throw a Green Halloween Party | The Light Lab

Take a sharp knife, and cut out two eyes, a triangle for a nose, and a mouth into the side of an apple. You’ll want to do this about a week before the party. Then watch, as the air transforms your apple into a wicked scary head! Think zombie, witch, or just plain creepy figure.  

You could attach some wool to the tops of the apples using sewing pins to give them hair, and push a wooden kebab stick in the bottom so you’re able to stick them either in a food dish, or a few potted plants around the house.

Once the party is over, toss your apple onto the compost pile.

Table Linens and Cloth Napkins

Resist the urge to buy those expensive little paper napkins that have bottles of poison or vampires on them. Keep it eco-friendly, and use your cloth napkins!

Also, resist the temptations to buy plastic table cloths that will most likely be tossed out in the trash post party. Opt for cotton table cloths, or ones that can be rewashed after guests leave.

Red, black, yellow, lace, gingham, and red, are great options for a Halloween theme, and can be up cycled to use again for other seasonal celebrations during Christmas, Easter, birthday parties, and more.

Silhouette Critters

How to Throw a Green Halloween Party | The Light Lab

Using a black poster board you already have, cut out shapes of bats, ravens, and spiders, and place them on windows or doors using see through tape. This is a simple decoration, but effective! You can recycle the cardboard after the party.

Break Out the China

If you’re hosting more of a dinner party, then what better time to put on an Adams Family like table spread? Silver gravy boats, candle holders, and your full wedding china set, will look hauntingly beautiful.

Up-Cycled Pumpkin and Mummy Candleholders

Grab a few used jars like baby food jars, spaghetti jars, and any other medium to small jar, and soak them in warm water and soap to remove the sticker.

To make little glowing jack-o-lanterns, pick up some orange and black tempera paint, and paint them orange to start with. The tempera paint has a tendency to be transparent, so even with two coats on, the outside will still allow light to shine through.

Once the orange is dry, have some fun painting jack-o-lantern style faces on the fronts. Place a votive candle inside each one, and light them up during the party!

To make a mummy candle holder, grab some gauze or tape from the First-Aid kit, and a jar of Modge Podge. Wrap the gauze around the jar, and brush the Modge Podge on so it sticks, and dries clear.

For added affect, glue two google eyes on the front!

Creepy Moss Decor

How to Throw a Green Halloween Party | The Light Lab

Do you have oak trees on your property or in your neighborhood? See if you can find some Spanish moss hanging from them, or those moss balls that love to cover oaks. Use these to hang around your doorway, and add them to the food table. They are a free and easy way to add a little graveyard creepiness to your home.

Post party, just toss them onto the compost pile, or return them to the backyard to decompose.

Happy haunting!

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