How Can I Use LED Lighting for Decoration? | First Choice Power

How Can I Use LED Lighting for Decoration?

LED (light-emitting diode) light bulbs are the light of the future. Not only do they last years beyond the lifespan of traditional incandescent and newer-school CFL light bulbs, but they also use less electricity and use it more efficiently. As LED lighting has gained in popularity for those of us who are energy savvy, the market has responded with a bevy of options offered for lighting and decor.

How Can I Use LED Lighting for Decoration? | First Choice Power
Light bulb technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last 150 years.

Check out our five favorite ways you can use LED lighting to create indoor and outdoor ambiance – thus, producing the perfect look for your home and hearth – all while saving money on your energy bill.

1) LED Candles

How Can I Use LED Lighting for Decoration? | First Choice Power

Use LED tea light candles in lanterns, candle holders, around your bathroom while taking a bath, and in any other area of your home needing a twinkle of light. There was a time when the LED candles didn’t live up to the bright glow of a regular candle, but the quality has improved dramatically. With the extensive life span of LED light bulbs, their twinkle will last over many “candlelit dinners” for many years to come.

In terms of safety and convenience, LED candles don’t omit smoke, aren’t a fire or electrocution hazard, and if you use them inside a lantern hanging outdoors, there’s no worry about wind blowing our your flame. They are also a great option to use for a child’s night light, as two or three LED candles provide the perfect amount of light in the corner of your child’s room. And if you live in a dorm room or apartment that doesn’t allow open flames (including traditional candles), this makes for a great alternative.

2) String Lights for the Backyard or Game Room

How Can I Use LED Lighting for Decoration? | First Choice Power

If you’re a fan of decorating with string lights like I am, then you’ll be happy to know that the LED light strands currently on the market are worth your while. The cold and harsh blue tones once associated with strand LED lights are a thing of the past.

LED string lights now come in a variety of designs and themes, in every color of the rainbow, from nautical and floral to food, Halloween, and beyond. String them up in your backyard across your patio to provide the perfect light for nighttime barbecues, or string them from the ceiling of a game room to some playful light addition.

3) LED Spotlights

How Can I Use LED Lighting for Decoration? | First Choice Power

Spotlight your paintings, wall hangings, or photographs using LED light bulbs. They won’t emit heat like an incandescent bulb does (which will preserve the quality of your artwork), and you won’t need to change out your bulb for years to come. LED bulbs work for approximately 50,000 hours, which is 50 times longer than a normal incandescent light!

4) Indoor Marquee Style Wall Art

How Can I Use LED Lighting for Decoration? | First Choice Power
And if you’re super-crafty, you can combine a LED light string from Tip #2 to create your own decorations!

Along with LED string lights, manufacturers are also developing wall art using LED lighting technology. We’ve seen guitars shaped from tin and imprinted with bulbs, as well as large metal letters lit up like a Coney Island marquee.

Branches lit with LED light bulbs are another sculptural design we have seen, a perfect whimsical addition to a child’s room. They are often battery-operated, so there are no wires to mess with, and some come with a built-in timer.

5) LED Landscape Lighting

How Can I Use LED Lighting for Decoration? | First Choice Power
If you want to go super-green, purchase solar-powered LED lighting for your yard decor!

Let’s not forget decorating outdoors. We already mentioned hanging string lights across your back patio or maybe from tree to tree, but there are plenty of other options for landscape lighting for your backyard!

Consider installing a spotlight using an LED bulb to light up the canopy of a large tree. Purchase accent pathway lights to add a magical element to the lower portion of your garden or grassy area. Not only are they beautiful, but they’re practical, as they can safely light up pathways from the house to your garage, or provide whimsy to a path meandering through your yard.

With a lengthy life span and the ability to use less electricity than other lighting options, light up your life with the green energy efficiency of LED lighting, and leave the incandescent bulbs in the last century.

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