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How to Organize Your Small Kitchen on a Budget

The kitchen is one of the busiest rooms in the house. And if you live in a small house or apartment and have a passion for cooking, finding the space and methods to organize your equipment can be a challenge.

We share a few of our favorite tips to make your small kitchen work and complement your big appetite for cooking and entertaining.

1) Pot Rack

How to Organize Your Small Kitchen on a Budget | First Choice Power

Above the sink is a great place to store items that can be hung. Small pot racks are available these days, and even hanging a few pots and pans will free up a good chunk of space from your cabinets.

You could even make one! Find one stick of wood, attach large eye hooks on each end, and string it up with chain. To hang your pots, screw in 6-8 large hooks, and hook your pot handles into the hook. To make sure the pot rack is secured in the ceiling well, use anchors if you need to.

Cost: $20 for homemade, $50+ commercial

2) Spice Stand

How to Organize Your Small Kitchen on a Budget | First Choice Power

I love my spices and dried herbs! Since each daring new recipe often calls for a new flavor, I’m always increasing my collection of spices – but there’s no room growing in my cabinets.

Thankfully, you can find affordable spice stands on the market, that are plastic, non-skid, and tiered. This way, your spices stand so you can see what the label is on the back row, meaning you don’t have to sift through masses of herbs to find the one you need!

Another alternative? Look for a spice rack that hooks onto the doors of your pantry or cupboards.

Cost: $6+

3) Cupboard Shelf

At my house, we had tall cupboards beneath the counter top, but they weren’t very deep. It was a challenge to store my baking pans, pots, graters, salad spinner, blender, food processor, and other random kitchen items.

The solution? Use a few 2×4’s and a flat plank of wood to build a small shelf inside the cupboard. Screws secured the legs to the top to create a shelf that looks like a small table. This way, I can now put larger pots like my Dutch oven and slow cooker beneath the shelf, while storing smaller pans on top.

Cost: $20+

4) Stainless Steel Racks

Evenly install stainless steel towel racks up a wall, and hang large hooks along them. This way, you can hang over-sized coffee mugs and other big utensils. Not only is it easy on the eye, but it makes cooking and grabbing cooking utensils easy.

Cost: $20+

5) Magnetized Knife Strip

10 Inexpensive Items to Help Organize Your Small Kitchen | First Choice Power

A great way to store knives, a magnetized strip is affordable and easy to install above the oven. It makes grabbing a knife easy when you’re in the throes of preparing a complicated recipe. It’s also a safe alternative place for knife storage if you have small children.

Cost: $25+

6) Floating Shelves

If your walls allow it, add a few floating shelves into your kitchen to store cookbooks or everyday dry goods like flour, rice and pasta. You can also buy floating shelves with wine racks built into the bottom side. This is a great looking way to store wine glasses that are otherwise bursting out of the cabinets.

7) Cleaning Supply Storage

Using a tension rod that is as wide as your under sink cabinets, install a rod where you can hang your cleaning supplies with a trigger handle.

Cost: $10+

8) Small Kitchen Island

How to Organize Your Small Kitchen on a Budget | First Choice Power

I’ve lived in tiny homes with even tinier kitchens, but I have always had a wooden kitchen island in each of them. I love that they provide me with additional counter space to prepare meals, and they’ve even doubled as a romantic dining room table for two.

Look for kitchen islands that have at least one shelf on the bottom. You can use this to store a mixer or other larger appliance. Even better, find one with a shelf that uses multiple platforms so you can store cookbooks and other kitchen clutter. Some even have doors so you don’t have to look at your clutter, along with wheels which make it easy to wheel into a corner when meal prep is complete.

Cost: $100+

9) Wall Mounted Fruit Baskets

How to Organize Your Small Kitchen on a Budget | First Choice Power

Whether bamboo, straw, or steel, attractive fruit baskets are now made to hang on the wall! If you can’t find a wall-mounted one, consider using an old-fashioned hanging fruit basket. They clear up the counter space you would otherwise use to store your fruit.

Cost: $20+

10) Hang Cutting Boards

Install a few good-looking wooden pegs from the edge of your counter top, and drill two holes into the ends of your wooden cutting boards. Using a piece of leather or jute, string a loop through the boards. Hang boards from the pegs to clear up space in your cabinets.

Cost: $8-15

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