Spooky and Safe Suggestions for a Happy Halloween

Halloween has arrived, and you can find pumpkin nearly everywhere, from our coffee shops to our doorsteps. But do you know what’s more important than pumpkins? Candy!

So, how can you have a Happy Halloween this year – one that keeps everyone safe and full of candy? Check out these three helpful tips!

1) Look for Alternative Events

Spooky and Safe Suggestions for a Happy Halloween | First Choice Power
Now, we’re not suggesting that you forgo trick or treating. We’re recommending a good fall festival as a slightly safer option for your Halloween activities.

If you live on a busy street or are in a neighborhood where there aren’t many families, sending the kids out trick or treating can be difficult. Look for events in your area that provide a friendly alternative!

Referred to as “Trunk or Treat” in my neighborhood, these are fantastic events where you don’t have to worry about walking along dark roads with your kids in a quest for candy. Instead, people decorate their cars and give out candy to the trunk-or-treaters, and they’re usually held in the parking lot of a local community center or church.

We love these events as usually there are games, lots of other children to play with, and often food trucks or other activities available. This makes for much more fun than the traditional Halloween night activities (though I confess, we usually do both).

2) Research Your Local Pumpkin Patch

Spooky and Safe Suggestions for a Happy Halloween | First Choice Power
Because few things are as cute as pictures of small children frolicking in a pumpkin patch in seasonal fall attire.

Not only are pumpkin patches based entirely around family-friendly activities, but they’re a great way to support the local economy. Going to a pumpkin patch is also a great place to get cute pictures of your kids with impeccably carved pumpkins, without having to do any of the work yourself. It’s a win-win for parents of toddlers and small kids!

3) Teal Pumpkin Project

Spooky and Safe Suggestions for a Happy Halloween | First Choice Power
Because your child should never have to fear candy OR avoid the joys of Halloween.

If your child suffers from food allergies, Halloween can be a really tough time. How can you manage a fun, safe Halloween without running the risk of them eating something they shouldn’t? The best option here is to look for events that are part of the Teal Pumpkin Project!

Launched by a concerned mom a few years ago, the households and events that display Teal Pumpkins offer treats that are non-candy based so everyone can enjoy them. You can look for Teal Pumpkins in your neighborhood or for events that advertise they are allergy friendly.

If you can’t find one, start one! Every kid deserves to enjoy Halloween. In our house, we also stock candy our kid will enjoy and offer “trades” for the candy he can’t eat. This has worked well for us the last few years.

Happy Halloween! Stay spooky!

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