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9 Staycation Ideas to Try This Summer

There’s nothing like a great staycation to help us rejuvenate and refresh. Here are 9 budget-friendly ideas to replenish your own energy while reducing your energy bill.

Camp at home: Get the kids away from screens and bright lights and create a camping trip at home. Light candles in the living room, or set up the tent and sleeping bags for outdoor stargazing and storytelling.

Ride a bike: What’s a surefire way to get a new perspective of your town or city? Explore it from the seat of your bicycle. Use your time off to explore new neighborhoods, discover a bike-friendly route to a local festival, and enjoy those wide-open trails while everyone else is away at work.

Unplug: Give your eyes and mind (not to mention your kilowatts) a break from email, social media and streaming video. Check out some books from the library and set up a relaxation station on your balcony or patio, complete with cold beverages and, as evening wears on, candles.

9 Staycation Ideas to Try This Summer | The Light Lab

Host a potluck barbecue: Invite friends over for a party on the deck. To keep the heat out of your kitchen, prepare the main entree on the grill and assign sides to your guests.

Live the dog’s life: Pack a picnic with nibbles and treats for both you and your dog, and spend the day at a dog-friendly park for a game of fetch, followed by a dip in the lake and a nap under the shade of a tree.

Grab an outdoor workout: Instead of driving to the gym, you can keep up your fitness regimen right outside your door. Lace up your sneakers and start running. To build muscle, do your squats, planks, crunches and push-ups in your backyard.

9 Staycation Ideas to Try This Summer | The Light Lab

Trade screen time for IRL time: Set aside an evening when everyone puts away the devices and steers clear of television, and have a game night. Tackle a stack of classic board games or go the simple route with the infinite number of games that require only dice and a deck of cards. To make it extra fun, set out game-friendly snacks, such as crudites with spicy bean dip, fresh fruit, pinwheels and soft pretzel bites — anything that doesn’t drip, spill or smudge.  

Experiment with solar cooking: A summer staycation is the perfect opportunity to explore the sun’s cooking power. (Not to mention, the kids will love making things like s’mores and personal pizzas.) Or, preserve some of your farmer’s market haul of fresh summer fruit and build a homemade dehydrator.

Be a beach bum: If you’re fortunate enough to live near the ocean, remember, people travel hundreds of miles to access what you have. Pack a cooler, your suit and a good book you’ve been meaning to read and head out for a day of relaxing near the waves.

9 Staycation Ideas to Try This Summer | The Light Lab

Be a tourist: Tour your own city by visiting your local museums, parks, and other local tourist-friendly destinations that you’ve never gotten around to visiting. Be sure to bring snacks and take lots of selfies.

Staycations not only save a lot of money, but can save energy and are sometimes even more relaxing than spending time and money planning an activity-packed traveling vacation. What’s your favorite way to staycation? Share with us below!

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