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Top 6 Easy & Cheap Ways to Upgrade Your Home

When you’re on a budget or renting your house or apartment, you may want to make upgrades to your home without spending a fortune. You may also be looking for cheap ways to improve your home to sell.

These quick and cheap home improvements are an easy way to give your nest a fresh look and help stage your home for selling.

Easy Home Improvement Projects

Top 6 Cheap Home Upgrades | The Light Lab

1. Paint Your Walls

The fastest way to transform a room in your home is by painting the walls. Consider a lighter shade to make a small room feel bigger.

In a small bathroom, for example, an overcoat of an ivory shade with a hanging ivy plant or a few succulents set on the windowsill will freshen up the space and make it feel clean and inviting.

Consider using a low VOC paint to escape the toxicity of breathing in paint fumes.

2. Change the Mirrors

Mirrors add so much dimension make a room feel bigger. A mirror in a bathroom in particular can change the entire feel for the room. Consider a larger oval-shaped mirror with a wooden frame to add earthiness to the room, or a mirror with an ornate metal frame to add grandeur. Include a mirror in the living room for a similar effect. The advantage of mirrors is they can be taken with you when you move.

3. Updating Light Fixtures

Lighting doesn’t get enough attention, but fixtures and quality of light can completely transform a space without even changing the wall colors.

Adding a chandelier to a bathroom, dining room or closet can give your room a whimsical feel and provide a stronger vertical dimension to the space. A new light fixture in the kitchen can make the kitchen feel a tad more rustic or refined. Even changing a sconce above the kitchen sink can sway the style of your kitchen.

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to switch your light bulbs to LED lights. They use less electricity, give off less heat and last far longer than incandescent bulbs.

Top 6 Cheap Home Upgrades | The Light Lab

4. Use Area Rugs

Whether your floors are hard wood, linoleum, tile or carpet, adding a few rugs can add pattern and color to the floor space of your room. They can also add texture if you choose to go with a shag carpet or a similar piece.

Even a small carpet in a bathroom can make the feel warmer and add dimension with stripes, geometric patterns or simply a splash of color. A carpet can also help tie together your pillows, wall art, and other knick knacks.

Rugs also make your home feel warmer in the winter without using your heater by providing insulation and a warm barrier between you and the cool floor.

5. Upgrade Your Ceiling Fan

You wouldn’t think of a fan as an aesthetic upgrade, but it truly is. Installing a black fan, for example, can make the upper level of any room quite dramatic. It’s also a functional upgrade in that the blades of an older fan may not be as long or as powerful as a newer one. The cooler your ceiling fan makes you feel, the less you have to use your AC.

A ceiling fan upgrade can also be an opportunity for adding an attached light fixture. There are so many gorgeous combinations to choose from these days.

Shop for deals online to find this great budget-friendly cosmetic update. This upgrade can also increase the resale value of your home.

6. Update Window Treatments

Install curtains to add a bold color or a vibrant pattern to your walls without painting. Purchase blackout curtains to reflect the sun’s heat and keep it from heating your home.

You could also install blinds for a tight and cleaner look. The look of your space can completely change with a choice as simple as white or wood grain. This is another upgrade to make your home worth more to potential buyers.

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