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Unique New Year’s Resolution Ideas

It’s a new year, which signals a fresh start for all. It’s a time of year when we make promises to ourselves to change our approach to certain aspects of life, and hope for the best that they will stick to our routines and lives like glue.

But what if we ditched those old resolutions of “weight loss,” “make more money,” and “travel more”? Of course all of those things would be excellent additions to the new year, but how about taking a new approach when it comes to  2018’s new year’s resolutions?

Here are some suggestions on how to bring unique resolutions into your new year!

Dietary Change

Making the New Year’s resolution to “go on a diet” is a thing of the past, and typically doesn’t hold strong for longer than the first three weeks of January!

But a dietary change may be something new to consider long term, primarily for health reasons as opposed to weight loss. Though some of these changes in diet will inevitably result in long term weight reduction!

Dairy, grains, red meat and sugar, are just a few items in our diets that can cause inflammation, weight gain and other health ailments.

If you suffer from a disease such as Celiac, then you already know that gluten is not your friend. But what about taking it a step further and eliminating something from your diet this new year to help you feel more energized and overall healthier?

Going plant based and eliminating dairy may be one option, or choosing a vegetarian diet may increase your consumption of greens and fruits.

If this is too drastic for your family, how about considering one day a week to go meat free? You can try #MeatlessMonday (or any other day of the week), and get some recipe inspiration from  ex-Austin natives Jeanine & Jack on their primarily vegetarian blog Love 7 Lemons!

Limited Screen Time

Unique New Year's Resolution Ideas | The Light Lab

We spend countless hours on our phones, computers and watching televisions, yet believe that we don’t have time for meditation, reading an actual book or catching up with a dear friend.

What would happen if we put limitations onto one of those things?

Make a real resolution this year to put away the screens. If only for a time limit each day. Let’s say between 6pm and 7pm. Use this time to really connect with your children, or connect to yourself. Spend that time doing something else that feeds your life in a positive way. Your friends updates on social media can wait.

Build Your Bucket List

Make a list with 10 items on it you wish to accomplish in the next 15 years! Start this year by marking one off on the list.

Keep it taped on the inside of your closet for a reminder. This will also serve as a way to keep those items fresh in your mind, or perhaps over time you decide you want the list to change.

This could be something like 10 National Parks in 15 years, or a goal to see all the Seven Wonders of the World. Depending on who you are, you decide what you want this list to look like!

Learn An Instrument or a Craft

Unique New Year's Resolution Ideas | The Light Lab

How many years have drifted by that you’ve said “I wish I knew how to bind a book?” Or, “I would love to learn to play piano.” Or, what about learning to build a table, paint with watercolors or learn how to tango dance?

Take that time this year to find a teacher, a class or a workshop, and devote yourself to it. New skills won’t be learned overnight, and they’re easier learned in person than in an online video. Along with a new hobby may come a new group of friends to connect with.

Have fun and go bold this new year with your unique 2018 resolution ideas!

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