How to Help Your Fellow Texans Who are Flood Victims

In the last six weeks, Texas has seen record-breaking flooding. Thousands of people lost their homes, hundreds lost their cars, and dozens even lost their lives. According to the International Business Times, the flooding caused infrastructure damage totaling to $27 million and affected 167 of Texas’ 254 counties.

While much of the water has receded, and people are no longer in immediate danger, there is still much to do for flood victims. We’ve compiled a list of ways to help your fellow Texan flood victims from the emotional and financial distress of this disaster.

  1. Raise Awareness. Many businesses are providing relief to flood victims and you can help by raising awareness on your social media! Here are a couple of companies in the Texas area that are providing aid:
    • Mattress Firm is giving a $700 credit to Texans who’s mattresses have been damaged by the floods. Simply fill out the online redemption form by August 31, 2015 and make sure to use your credit by December 31, 2015.
    • Nissan is offering customers who reside in FEMA-designated disaster areas payment relief options such as extensions and lease deferred payments (com). Visit your local Nissan dealership to determine if you are eligible.
  1. Samaritan’s Purse is providing aid to flood victims by cleaning their homes. Volunteers have been cleaning mud, tearing down damaged sheetrock, and even spraying for mold. Sign up to be a volunteer to help your fellow Texan flood victims.
  1. Donate Items. Donate to your local food bank. Food banks all over the state are taking donations to help feed the hundreds of flood victims who have lost their homes this past month. Remember to donate closed, unperishable, and unexpired items. Click here to find the closest food bank to you.
  1. Donate Money. If you don’t have food to donate, you can donate money to United Way. The organization is currently taking donations online and via text. Simply fill out the donor form or text FLOODS to 41444 for a $10 donation.

Whether you know someone who has been affected by the floods or not, there are numerous ways to help victims recover from a natural disaster. Make sure to stay tuned to your local news channel to learn about the areas that have been hit the hardest and how you can help them recover.


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