Who Do I Call If My Home Loses Power in a Storm?

Who Do I Call If My Home Loses Power in a Storm?

Your home losing power in the midst of the high winds and rain brought by a big storm like Hurricane Patricia can be a big cause for concern. If this ever happens to you, you immediately need to call your Texas utility company to report the problem! The utility company takes care of the lines, poles, and meters bringing electricity across your area, and they’re the folks who can restore your power outage.

Who Do I Call If My Home Loses Power in a Storm?

If you don’t know who your utility company is, we can help with that. Check this list below for the company serving your area:

  • Oncor (Dallas / Fort Worth area and into Central & East Texas)1-888-313-4747
  • CenterPoint (Greater Houston area) – 1-800-332-7143
  • AEP North (The Panhandle and West Texas)1-866-223-8058
  • AEP Central (South Texas and the Greater Rio Grande Valley area)1-866-223-8508
  • TNMP1-888-866-7456

If you live in a regulated area of Texas not serviced by one of those five companies, please check your most recent electricity bill for important outage information.

Are you a First Choice Power customer? Please do NOT call us to report your weather-related power outage. While we certainly DO want you to get your power back as soon as possible, we are not able to fix this problem for you. Only your utility company can correct a power outage created by bad weather in your area, and we can’t contact your utility company for you.

Learn more about what to do in a power outage with these tips.

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